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Judge forces Hostess and the Bakers Union to go to mediation. Will the Bakers Union stand strong?


Or will they accept a pay cut like the rest of the union members did and save 18,500 jobs plus those jobs at their suppliers?


Spicoli - Lets see 92% of a 100 is $92. 0% of 100 is $0. The math does the work for me. If I need a job and I need to take a pay cut to keep working and get paid, I will suck it up until I find a new job.

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  • Di
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    8 years ago
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    It's an interesting situation as we have an American Company in distress with the Unions not caring about the job losses, possibly because Hostess could be gobbled up by Grupo Bimbo a Mexican Company that seems to like to ingest US bakeries as fast as it can.

    Perhaps the Union sees an opportunity to make a deal with Bimbo with no thought to the loss of an American Brand. Oh wait, it's always about the Union though.

    The following is taken from the attached link. "Acquisitions are at the very center of Bimbo. Indeed, Bimbo has gobbled up companies, and this was initially confined to South America. Servitje, a thin man with deeply set eyes, worked to extend Bimbo’s reach from Mexico to the tip of South America, in Patagonia. Thereafter, his attention turned north. He bought Mrs. Baird’s Bakeries of Fort Worth, Texas for $200 million shortly before 2000, then Heiner’s and Earth Grains. And just last year, Bimbo bought the U.S. bakery business of Sara Lee Co. for $709 million, as well as the Spanish and Portugal portions in a separate transaction."

    I wonder what the Spanish word for Twinkie is.

  • Anonymous
    8 years ago

    The company will probably liquidate and reopen non-union.

  • ?
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    8 years ago

    The idiots who voted themselves out of a job because they were suddenly surprised that their salary is the one they accepted when they took the job, deserve to be without a job.

    Just goes to show that any idiot can mix the dough - but not many can run a company.

  • Anonymous
    8 years ago

    Would you keep accepting pay cuts bro, or would you expect management to solve problems LOL...

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