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Martin asked in Entertainment & MusicMovies · 8 years ago

Anyone have any theories on my "Skyfall" question?

I'm somewhat perplexed as to why James Bond treated the beautiful Severine like garbage, yet helped Vesper much more in "Casino Royale" and helped Olga Kurylenko's character in "Quantum of Solace?". I know Bond is an agent, not a social worker, but the beautiful Severine asked for his help, he said he could save her, yet all he does is sneak in her shower to have sex with her, then watch as her head is blown off and make a smart assed comment when she is killed?

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  • Aeonyx
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    8 years ago
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    I know!!!! I thought the exact same thing! He kind of wussed out by showing his weak side and falling for Vesper (course I'd fall for Eva Green to, so can't blame him there) and then not falling for Severine who was in over her head at least as deeply as Vesper. But being as he spent all of QofS essentially trying to get revenge for Vesper-- I figured he's back to the heartless bastard he was before he met Vesper-- maybe more so since he lost her.

  • D M
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    8 years ago

    1. Bond in Casino Royale is a new 00 agent, this story is supposed to be before Dr No.

    2. Severine if you listen is a sex slave, bought and controlled by the bad guys.

    3. Bond has no idea on how to get to the bad guy except to have her lead him to him.

    4. The mission comes to kill the rogue MI6 agent comes first, saving the girl is not the mission.

    5. Bond uses whatever means to get the mission done and that includes lying and to seduction.

    6. Sean Connery in Thunderball said he does what he needs to do "for Queen and Country"

    7. He had bad aim when M released him to full duty, you saw how he shot the practice target.

    8. What makes you think that Severine was going to be alive even if Bond shot the shotglass?

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