In "I am the cheese" explain the role and purpose of Amy Hertz in Adam's life. Did she exist?

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    8 years ago
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    Amy is important for Adam. He often says that he loves her and the thought of her keeps him going. She even makes him want to write poetry If that's not love, we don't know what is. So even if she doesn't understand Adam's serious issues, maybe that's just what Adam needs,a distraction from reality

    Adam tries to call Amy, the man on the phone says that he had been living there for about 3 years. When Adam goes to the run down Rest-A-While motel, he finds out that it has been closed for about 3 years as well. Adam was sent to the psychiatric hospital 3 years ago, so he has been taking the same journey 'to Rutterberg' 3 times. It is assumed that Amy moved away 3 years ago, but Adam was unaware of this because every year he completes the same journey.

    Amy Hertz. Beautiful, voluptuous Amy Hertz. The thing about Amy is that she doesn't really seem to have any deep-seated issues or concerns.Amy Hertz is more than just a car place. Amy Hertz symbolizes the word hurts. Amy means beloved. So, together Amy Hertz means beloved hurts or my friend hurts. There is a symbolic meaning to Amy Hertz’s name, claiming that she is part of the conspiracy and that her name indicates that she “hurts” Adam.

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