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Why do Americans believe that (slightly) clever is the same as smart?

Then they wonder why their medical schools are mostly populated by non-Americans.


Thank you, Eugene, for a wonderful example, darling.

Update 2:

Liv, thank you for another example, sweetheart. A good one of "I don't really have an answer so I will try to be glib." LOL!

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    clever is thought of as being able to see something in a way no one else has.

    idk what that has to do with doctors, as most pple describe doctors as smart not clever.

    and to be technical all Americans are non-Americans since their isn't a real American bloodline other than Native American.

    but yea most pple who do complain about the non-Americans educating themselves are the main ones who haven't helped society past McDonalds

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    i desire so. the unhappy element is that an infinite majority of kin were begging congress for a real independant study. not one handpicked by technique of the president, who then performs cat and mouse video games over if he will communicate 'on the record' or not. to not have a real study with genuine solutions to genuine questions, individuals would might want to struggle through with this memory - not not like the burning question: JFK Assassination. Too many unanswered questions = undesirable interest investigating which regrettably leads to conspiracy theories.

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    Clever - mentally bright ; having sharp or quick intelligence ; able.

    Superficial, skillful, witty or original in character or construction. Facile.

    Showing inventiveness or originality; ingenious.

    Adroit with the hands or body. Dexterous or nimble.

    Smart - quick or prompt in action, as persons.

    Having of showing quick intelligence or ready mental capability.

    Shrewd or sharp, as a person dealing with others or as in business dealings.

    CLEVER, witty, or ready effective, as a speaker, speech, rejoinder

    Sharp or keen


    Your "Non-American" medical student remark is wrong. Here's a question.... How many "non- Americans" are in Medical school right now (assuming you mean American Schools?)

    I think your statement should be more directed to how crappy our higher education system is, and the lack of funding for middle America.


    For some reason I picture you in flannel with a Coors light while Fox News plays in the background.

  • Andy F
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    Americans -- ALL Americans, you mean?

    I think this is a badly formulated question. It's hard for me to generalize about what "Americans believe," since I think we have a lot of variety in our beliefs.

    However, I have to admit that I don't know the answer to what I think you're trying to ask.

    As for why many US medical schools are "mostly" (?? cite? ) populated by non-Americans, I don't think this stems from anything that most Americans "believe."

    I think American public schools and undergraduate colleges are behind the international competition, for several reasons. (a) One is that as a society, we for many years endorsed the idea of nearly everyone going to college -- unlike other societies that use the schools to channel many people into other career paths, such as in the skilled manufacturing trades.

    (b) A second reason is that despite the fact that we [sometimes] expect our colleges and medical schools to perform in a "democratic" and inclusive fashion, not an elitist and exclusionary one, we as a society have been cutting back on how much public subsidies we devote to our schools.

    IOW, we've broadened the mission of public education while simultaneously under-funding it - a recipe for mediocrity.

    (c) The perennial American issue of racial conflict & racial discrimination hovers over our educational system, too -- promoting destructive battles over affirmative action, encouraging racist white people to withdraw from public schools in favor of private academies & home schooling, etc. etc.

    And legimitating a surprisingly large prevalence of poverty in US society, which militates against many kids doing well in school.

    (d) I'd also blame an English spelling system that makes little logical sense, and that discourages reading among much of the population, plus an educational establishment that's turned away from "rote" methods of teaching reading & spelling that may be the only ones that are really practicable in our culture.

    (e) The commercial success of TV and computer games and other escapist sources of entertainment meanwhile has contributed to a further decline in reading by many Americans, I think.

    (f) The continued prosperity of the US despite our society's many problems, which serves to make it attractive for highly educated and highly motivated foreign students to come to the US for higher education, probably also contributes to the pattern you mention. Foreign students flock to US medical schools partly in hopes of emigrating here, I suspect.

    That being said, I don't actually know that these factors answer your question. But I think they help to answer some of it.

    -- democratic socialist

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  • for the same reason Liberals think because they are intelligent they have common sense. they don't or else they wouldn't believe that As long as the GOVT cheese and checks flow and he gives them abortion, contraceptive on demand, legalized gay marriage, and "free" healthcare, Libs, esp. on here, couldn't care less what Obama does to the economy and the Country

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    We don't. Why do you ask?

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    There is a liberal here on YA who equated intelligence with knowing the answers on Jeopardy.

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    We don't believe that clever is the same as smart.

    Offering "clever" responses is the subtle American way of telling you that your question is so stupid that it doesn't merit an intelligent response - because I'm always sincere when I call someone dumb.

    Ain't cultural differences neat!?

    EDIT: No...'fr aid you translated it wrong. I mean, if you think MY answer was "clever" then you're in a bad way. And if you think I was being "glib" you're in even worse shape. (You are making me curious on your definition of "clever" though.)

    You know how you pass a homeless drunk on the street; he asks you for change; and you say that you have no cash even though you have a pocketful? That way, maybe he'll realize his drunkness is what's preventing him from getting a handout. It's more like that.

    We are indulging you instead of just coming out and calling you when kids ask stupid questions.

    I think it's because you can't roll your eyes at people online. You'd probably understand this better if you visted America.

    EDIT 2: And, I thought I should point out...My explanation is testable. All you need to do is ask a good question.

    EDIT 3: Peezy below points out pretty clearly what make this - and your other questions - not worthy of "smart" don't cite facts, embrace reality, or use the English langugae properly.

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    Why do you believe that you are either?

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