What is the age you have to ride a 600cc. Do I just need a license? STATE OF ARKANSAS?

Im 14 and I wanna know if i can ride only with a permit in Arkansas

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  • 8 years ago
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    Last I heard talking to a guy at rally from Arkansas- under 50cc is a no license plate normally issued and drivers license for someone who has passed written rules of road test is not required. The guys 15 year old son had been riding in town and country road since he'd passed the written rules of road for farm tractors, bicycles, utility use on road and 13 or 14 was normal minimal age to take test. So check with your DMV- seems likely you'll be able to ride a little 50cc but not on highways, have to wait until 16 or so for a 600cc. Iowa, Ohio, Colorado and New Jersey are noted in Yahoo prior postings to not need drivers license for Mopeds or let 14 year olds ride them- I know Iowa has the written rules of road permit required. Arkansas as noted was talking to a guy at rally and his son- this was at Iowa shafty rally where 14 year olds were riding on city streets with mopeds provided by cycle dealer, police were letting Arkansas, Texas, Ohio and Michigan permit holders to ride under 16 and no license.

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    8 years ago

    you need to ask your mother

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