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Politics in the hospital.?

I applied for an RN position at the hospital I work at (I'm still working as a Nursing Assistant) back in SEPTEMBER! I kept in touch with the Director of Nursing, called, asked for updates, etc. They told me some BS lie that they were holding off on interviewing people because of the budget, low census, blah blah blah.

Yesterday, I found out that another nursing assistant gets the job. What a coincidence that her daddy is a nursing supervisor there! She always had an attitude like she's better than everyone also. I really hope I get a job elsewhere soon, because I do NOT want to be her assistant... that'll just be the icing on a very SH*TTY cake.

Apparently my BSN doesn't mean crap since I have no family members that work there... This girl has her associates by the way.

The only solace I have is knowing the unit she's working on is always short staffed... I'd be worried about losing my license, honestly, with how dangerously short they consistently are.

How can the hospital get away with though? Should I call my union rep (I'm in 1199)? I really feel that this was totally UNFAIR.

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  • 7 years ago
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    They have the right to hire whomever they want to based on whatever reason they want to hire them. As long as they didn't practice outright discrimination against you for something like your race, gender, religion, they can do what they want. You can call your rep just to see if there are any policies about internal hiring that they may have violated, but I wouldn't expect much to come of it.

    Is it right? No. Of course not. But this happens all the time, everywhere. It's about networking and who you know and making the right connections. We would all love to work in an ideal world where we are all judged equally and hiring would be based off education, experience, and talents. That's not the world we live in.

    Keep trying. Don't let this one experience sour you. As a nurse, you'll face a lot of difficult situations in your career and you need to have a thicker skin and let some of this political drama BS roll off your back or you're going to be miserable.

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  • 7 years ago

    They have one position and multiple candidates.

    Yes, a candidate that has connections is usually going to be selected. It's part of the process of the "hidden job market" and using it is the best way to find a job. Use your own contacts to find a job!

    There is no problem hiring a less experience candidate if that is all they need for this position and it is less costly.

    Good luck!

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