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Anonymous asked in 社會及文化語言 · 7 years ago

How to reduce discrimination

how to reduce discrimination (150words)

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  • 7 years ago
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    what do u mean by that ???

    discrimination among people???

    2012-11-20 18:30:28 補充:

    i cant help u if i dont know what kind of dicrimination do u mean

    2012-11-22 19:29:24 補充:

    How to Reduce Gender Discrimination

    In most countries, women receive second class status, with their rights severely restricted in many cases. Even in more advanced countries with laws to prevent gender discrimination, women still earn less than men and receive less respect.

    2012-11-22 19:29:50 補充:

    Though government regulations certainly help the situation, the real method to reduce gender discrimination is through education and changing the ways that people think about gender roles.

    2012-11-22 19:30:33 補充:


    Pay attention to the ways that you form gender in your children's upbringing. Children learn gender at an early age from the people around them--little girls learn to play with dolls, while little boys play with trucks.

    2012-11-22 19:30:56 補充:

    Often, parents unwittingly encourage this type of gendered play, even going so far as to discourage their child from playing with a toy that is for the "other gender." Additionally, you may encourage a boy to be more active and a girl to play quietly.

    2012-11-22 19:31:23 補充:

    Watch your own actions and encourage your child to try all of the things that he may like.


    2012-11-22 19:31:45 補充:


    Reduce gender discrimination in the classroom. Without realizing it, many teachers favor male students. This may come in the form of asking boys more difficult questions or interrupting girl students while they are speaking.

    2012-11-22 19:32:22 補充:

    Teachers should learn about gender discrimination, how they may be discriminating and what they can do to stop it.Provide adequate health care to all people. Without health care, women are at a higher risk for death due to complications from pregnancy. This is especially true in developing countries

    2012-11-22 19:32:59 補充:

    Encourage critical thinking when it comes to the media. The media often represent negative images of both genders--women are stupid, weak and should be sexually available at all times; men should avoid their emotions and are animals that cannot control their sexual desires.

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  • 7 years ago

    1. Do learning more language

    2. Do understanding each language

    3. Do reading each language

    4. Do respecting each other

    5. Do reducing each arguments

    6. Do equal in saying opportunity

    7. Do everything as we can

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