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急!!幫翻一句英文>< "用愛來威脅"

就是 "男生勸女生去墮胎,男生威脅女生說如果女生不去墮胎,他就會不愛她了"

the boy urge the girl to abort by ___________


幫忙翻譯一下 謝謝^^


翻譯這段是為了要寫 海明威-Hills Like White Elephants 白象似的群山 的essay

2 Answers

  • 羅莉
    Lv 7
    7 years ago
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    The boy urges the girl to abort by threatening not to love her anymore if

    she refuses.

    2012-11-20 09:52:42 補充:

    to abort也可寫為to make abortion, 很常用的片語.

    2012-11-20 11:27:55 補充:

    真是愛抬槓, 還有to do an abortion, to have an abortion; to effect abortion呢!

    醫院或醫師為主詞時: to perform abortion

    to make abortion其中make當使役動詞語意時要除外.

    2012-11-20 11:30:22 補充:

    還有: to do an abortion, to have an abortion, to get an abortion, to effect abortion,.....等.

    2012-11-20 23:25:10 補充:

    One example is enough to overturn your "none".

    Read the 3rd paragraph from the end:

    Since 1994, French law has required that multidisciplinary diagnostic centers decide which birth defects are severe enough to make abortion after 12 week limits.

    2012-11-20 23:36:16 補充:

    「墮胎手術」要用什麼動詞我已舉出很多, 用不用make並非發問者的重點, Prisoner持續爭執這個, 是什麼心態路人皆知, 我希望大家的焦點不要被模糊了.

    2012-11-21 10:19:14 補充:

    我從不作人身攻擊, 但常受到各種攻擊, 這我早已習慣了.

    迄今為止, 某人對我在YK+英文區的各篇回答挑剔偏多, 卻很少真的是我錯誤. 在回答學習者疑難時, 我一向抱持謹慎的態度, 不作嬉鬧式回答; 四年來, 每當我在區內表現較積極時, 總不斷會有這些砲火, 真正的指教我都虛心接受與感謝, 但有極高的比例是懷有某種心態的, 這我就不明說了.

    2012-11-21 12:40:14 補充:

    Oh yeh? I'm fearing you to death!

    Nah, I won't until you come out of prison.

    2012-11-21 12:44:29 補充:

    I maintain what I said.

    2012-11-29 09:38:46 補充:

    What an arrogant prisoner! Have a good time in prison, for life.

    Source(s): 羅莉 - 英文文法與翻譯經驗
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  • 7 years ago

    Another proof for "All men are pigs" theory indeed.

    The boy urges the girl with his baby to go through the abortion by


    This just happened too many times. You young ladies out there - use protection, girls.

    2012-11-19 21:26:09 補充:

    I meant, sex is good but protection is mandatory.

    2012-11-19 22:22:25 補充:

    Ohh, then I should have said - the American is pig.

    But what came to my mind was How does a Spanish girl know what white elephants look like? Probably she had good Internet access?

    Of course, I am joking. I read it too long ago...

    2012-11-20 10:17:47 補充:

    to abort也可寫為to make abortion, 很常用的片語?

    Untrue - never heard of that.

    2012-11-20 19:58:23 補充:

    I work for Planed Parenthood and we do at least 20 everyday.

    None, I repeat, none uses "make abortion".

    Of course, there are signs out side of my office - "make abortion legal and safe"

    that is the only place where you see "make" followed by abortion.

    2012-11-21 01:13:48 補充:

    Stop personal attack - disagreement with you does not make me evil.

    2012-11-21 07:26:52 補充:

    Little Elli,

    If you are reading Hemingway, you should be able to understand the following:

    1. abortion is a sensitive issue in the book as well as in real lives. Just like an elephant in the room, everyone pretends not see it.

    2012-11-21 07:31:23 補充:

    If you read through the book, you will see the American did not even mention the word once.

    2. in real lives, all the doctors in my office avoid using that word as much as we can. Typically, we say - perform the procedure. The young ladies go through the procedures...

    and never...

    2012-11-21 07:33:10 補充:

    never use "make abortion"...

    take it or leave it, I am just tired of seeing that phrase again today...

    2012-11-21 11:04:18 補充:


    This must be a joke and the ignorance shows.


    look back as many posts as you want. the pattern is there:

    I said "you were wrong"

    you said "you are evil"

    How do you call this if this is not personal attack?

    2012-11-21 11:11:05 補充:


    how arrogant can this be? You have accepted all "sincere corrections" and those you did not accept were evil attacks.

    Extreme arrogance that is.

    2012-11-21 11:17:45 補充:

    I will tell you one more time today:

    commenting on work, negative or positive, is acceptable to me.

    commenting on person who makes the remark is not.

    voting troop and crony vote are totally unacceptable.

    2012-11-21 11:20:32 補充:

    If this princess sees you do them again - yes. I will continue giving you more hard time...

    2012-11-21 18:50:10 補充:

    You do have the right to be as arrogant as your 007.

    But whenever I see you make bad argument, I will not hesitate to point it out.

    and DO NOT let me see you invoke your voting troop again.

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