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Anonymous asked in Entertainment & MusicMusicOther - Music · 7 years ago

Easy Going Songs and Creepy sounding songs?

Hey everybody, I just felt like asking everyone what songs remind you all of a peaceful when you're out laying in a field at night staring at the beautiful nights sky (or watching from up in a tree house) with the stars and moon staring back at you, or when you're out on the beach watching the sun set and the ocean swaying calmly with your feet in the warm sand...or even just laying on a comfortable smooth rug in front of the fireplace watching and feeling the warm fire crackle as it burns the wood.

I'm trying to find soothing music to listen to (with lyrics...not just instrumental from YT)...if you have any suggestions I'd greatly appreciate your answers! :)

Also I wanted to know if you out there knew of any creepy music as well (that I can find on YT) that reminds you of like a zombie invasion, or like you're driving down an empty abandoned highway about to run out of gas...or like you're out at night in the middle of a very small neighborhood and down the hill from your house you see a stranger in hoodie...can't see the face just complete darkness and a figure standing in the shadows underneath a street light that seems to be twitching on and off. The person just seems to be standing there not moving at all.

(These songs can be just instrumental but if you know of any with lyrics that would be great too). Also I'm not really looking for any "chase scene" music...just creepy...and also not any music that's like a theme song to a the Jason/Michael Myers themes...I'm not looking for that stuff.

Thanks if you can help at all...even if it's just a little bit! :)

3 Answers

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