Who are the best spokesmen on the theist front at the moment?

For atheism we have Dawkins, Hitchens, Harris, Dennett, Krauss (and possibly others I haven't heard of). (Yes, I know Hitchens is dead, but he's still been a modern influence).

But who are the best theist philosphers/theologians/authors/debaters at the present time? As far as I know all you guys have is a few archbishops and William Lane Craig.

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    John MacArthur http://www.gty.org/ Free download of videos with his preaching. He is my favorite now.

    MacArthur has authored or edited more than 150 books, most notably the MacArthur Study Bible, which has sold more than 1 million copies and received a Gold Medallion Book Award. Other best-selling books include his MacArthur New Testament Commentary Series (more than 1 million copies), Twelve Ordinary Men, (more than 500,000 copies), and the children's book A Faith to Grow On, which garnered an ECPA Christian Book Award.

    In 1985, MacArthur became the president of The Master's College (formerly Los Angeles Baptist College), an accredited, four-year, liberal arts Christian college; and, in 1986, he founded The Master's Seminary. MacArthur also received an honorary doctorate from Talbot Theological Seminary and an honorary doctorate from Grace Graduate School.

    He has passed 80 so I am unsure how active he is now.


  • Do they have anyone? There are the nutters Banana Man and Crocoduck Boy and the charletans on the evangelist TV channels, but do they really have any intellectual debaters at the moment?

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