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Now that Mr. Liberal has been re-elected, what will happen to America?

The Mr. Liberal being Obama. Will the economy magically recover? Will we collapse under the weight lf our debt? Will we sustain through this 5-year recession, as we did during the 12-year Great Depression? Give me your opinions. Please.

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  • 7 years ago
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    dems r so funny talking about improving economy

    these businesses have closed or closed some stores

    blue heron paper comp closes

    super value 60 stores


    3D Realms

    A1 Grand Prix Operations[79]


    Allied Carpets

    Apex Silver Mines


    Babcock & Brown



    Berkhamsted Town F.C.

    Boater's World

    Borders UK

    Central Park Media

    Charter Communications

    Christian Lacroix[80]

    CIT Group

    Colonial Bancgroup

    Crabtree & Evelyn

    Darlington F.C.

    Denver Newspaper Agency

    Empire Direct

    Extended Stay Hotels


    Fisher Athletic F.C.

    First Quench Retailing

    Fleetwood Enterprises



    Goody's Family Clothing




    G.I. Joe's

    Journal Register Company


    KB Toys

    Land of Leather[82]

    LDV Group

    FK Lyn


    Magna Entertainment Corp.



    Midway Games

    Monaco Coach Corporation


    Peanut Corporation of America

    Philadelphia Media Holdings[83]


    Reader's Digest Association

    R. H. Donnelley

    Ritz Camera Centers


    Send the Light

    SETA Corporation

    Setanta Sports

    SFCG Co.

    Silicon Graphics

    Smurfit-Stone Container


    Spectrum Brands

    SPV GmbH

    SsangYong Motor Company [note 29][84]

    Stanford Financial Group

    Station Casinos

    Steve & Barry's



    Sun-Times Media Group

    Taylor, Bean & Whitaker


    Trump Entertainment Resorts


    Waterford Wedgwood[86]

    Young Broadcasting

    Adams Childrenswear

    Air America Radio


    Blockbuster Inc.


    HFC Haarlem

    Hollywood Video


    4Kids Entertainment


    Borders Group

    Focus DIY


    Hawkin's Bazaar

    HomeForm Group


    Syms Corporation

    Ultimate Electronics


    Comet Group

    Malév Hungarian Airlines

    Portsmouth F.C.

    Rangers F.C.


    JJB Sports PLC

    Hostess Br

    Fashion Bug

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  • 4 years ago

    Many of the yahoos aren't old enough to have any first hand knowledge of Hitler, so all they know is what little they may have heard while in school. I on the other hand was alive while Hitler was. True I was not over there but I heard the stories brought back by the soldiers. I was a small lad and those stories had me thinking this guy was actually killing people himself and not being nice about it. I had night mares for a while. There have been others of the same ilk, who were just as bad, and if Mr.Obama thinks he can do that stuff over here, he had better get himself some full body armor because someone will try to take him out. I personally hope this is all hype and fluster, and that he actually makes a good president, but I won't hold my breath until he proves out either way. I hope for the sake of America we are wrong!

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  • CR
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    7 years ago

    Our economy will be like Greece's. Will either be conquered by China or The United States of Islam.

    Source(s): Obama's America 2016.
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  • Doug B
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    7 years ago

    OK, the last time the US Government had no debt was 1838. So give up on that attack.

    The economy will continue to recover. The recession ended three years ago, stop lying.

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  • 7 years ago

    Higher unemployment rates due to free government handouts, higher debt, higher prices on goods, and from the looks of Colorado and Washington State: Higher people.

    Source(s): My opinion
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  • 7 years ago

    The above liberals who talk about economic improvement and recovery aren't practical, or in any sense connected in any realm of reality.

    The comment about us being in an economic recovery and improving is quite warped. I haven't found any chair at the Hoover Institute fellowship in Stanford (composed of economists) that doesn't think Barack Obama is a raving lunatic.

    I think liberals will start voting Republican when Starbucks closes down. *drum riff*

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  • Anonymous
    7 years ago

    It's: "Back under the Porch, Boys. Same Game."

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  • David
    Lv 7
    7 years ago

    businesses will have to raise prices, or lay off workers to pay for the mandatory insurance required by obamacare.

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  • John
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    7 years ago

    Look at how much the economy improved over the last 4 years.

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  • 7 years ago

    No change from the last four years.

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  • Elana
    Lv 7
    7 years ago

    The economy will continue to grow, perhaps picking up pace unless Europe collapses.

    If Europe collapses, then the House will become even more Republican and the Senate will swing Republican, probably more than 60%. Indeed, they'll probably be able to pass laws beyond a veto.

    If Europe does not collapse and the economy continues to pick up pace, 2014 will see the end of a Republican house and the Democrats will again have more than 60% of the Senate.

    EDIT: Listing off the number of businesses that closed during a poor econonomy is not very effective unless you've got something to compare it to. Care to produce a list during, say, the Clinton years? Businesses go under. The list below is meaningless with nothing to compare it to.

    Moreover, as has been repeatedly pointed out, it takes a LONG time to slow the train down and reverse it The economy was losing hundreds of thousands of jobs a month when Obama took over. It is now gaining jobs. You cannot deny that. You look silly trying.

    You could argue that a Republican administration might have done it faster, but you cannot deny the numbers as they currently are without repudiating the statistics that you guys have been using yourselves in previous administrations.

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