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My friend just hacked my google account. How did he do it?

I was chatting with him and another person and he somehow knew what I was talking about with the other person. He says he made a profile hack. I think he used a hack where it keeps on trying random letters and numbers until he gets it right, but I'm not sure. I checked and noticed some account activity where I had another account logged in and now it is signed out, explaining a poor logout attempt by the said hacker. How did he do it and how do I protect myself?


I have already changed my password. But, I also want additional protection so he can't just do it again and again

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    Your friend either guessed your password (likely) or used a basic cracking technique known as a "dictionary attack."

    "...I want additional protection..."

    What you need to do is: 1. get on a computer that is completely clean and secure. Best way to do this is to boot up a live system. 2. Log into your account. 3. Change your password. 4. Use two step verification if possible 5. Do not share you password or how you make your passwords with anyone. Password security relies on SECRECY. Also, try not to write it down anywhere. Use some tricks to remember the password.

    Guidelines for a secure password:

    Minimum of 9 characters including UPPER and lower case, 2 numbers (min) and 2 special characters (min). NO DICTIONARY WORDS or variations of words (meaning avoid this: "h311o". The more random = the harder to predict patterns,etc = more secure. Example of a 9 character secure password: i^50F2vk*

    A password like the example above is essentially imposable to guess or crack. For additional security use more characters although 9 is generally sufficient to ensure adequate protection even in this day and age of GPU and cloud computing.

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    You may use KeyDefender to protect your google account!

    I have always use the software,and it work very well!

    The following is a brief of KeyDefender:

    KeyDefender is a next generation of anti keylogger software that encrypts user keystrokes at the keyboard driver level, and transmits encryption information to the destination app in the private tunnel, deep in the operating system. At the same time, it is also kept to release virtual keystrokes to interference. So no keyloggers can steal your passwords or other crucial information.

    The following is some test video of facebook, email, twitter protected by KeyDefender:

    Youtube thumbnail


    You have a look, I hope to help you!

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    lol, he has a shell program to view ur computer. get avg 2013 free. It is awesome.

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    Obviously, he had your google mail e-mail address and figured out your password.

    The thing you also must do is go to your Google account page, also referred to as your dashboard and delete your browsing history. Change your account and if possible even change your google e-mail address if possible.

    Also, don't send e-mail out from your google mail account for a while, but instead only e-mail those on a trusted list of friends and family you don't have issues with using an account like Hotmail with microsoft or Yahoo! Mail and send your email encrypted to those who can decrypt it properly.

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    Change your password. Combine letters and numbers and at least one capital letter. Most people use really easy passwords that are easy to crack.

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    At the bottom of the gmail page you're going to to find the last used ip address when u opened your mail if it has modified u can come to understand that any individual has accessed your mail...

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