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i got some ants (western harvester) and it did not come with a queen?

i live in virginia and harvester ants originated from america anyway. but anyway, i need to know where i can find a queen for my colony! any ideas?


what i meant to say was that i thought it was only illegal to receive an ant queen in another country. but if I'm wrong, i would just like to know where i could find a queen

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    queen ants can not be shipped around the united states or to other countries ...

    "The Department of Agriculture prohibits interstate shipment of queen ants. They don't want reproducing ants going into other states where they may start colonies that could damage agriculture or the ecosystem. Another reason we don't send queens is because they are very difficult to find. Harvester ants tunnel up to 15 feet straight down when building their colony and may have many thousands of ants per colony. Finding the queen is like finding a needle in a hay stack."

    you have to find a queen ant on your own ... here is a website that says how to find a queen ant - http://www.ehow.com/how_2317015_find-queen-ants.ht...

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  • 8 years ago

    I really hope these species of ants are also found where you live. But since it's just workers, they'll won't cause much harm to the local ecosystem if released/escaped.

    I don't advise people to buy ants. Instead, just wait for the nuptial flight season, which is after winter and the warm days come after a day of rain.

    It's easy to spot queens if there's a nuptial flight going on. Just walk and look along sidewalks during the evening or morning, go to the park and flip up stones. If you're lazy to go out to walk, then maybe get a white fluorescent light outside and wait for the night-time nuptial flights to come. Mated queens and males will come down, attracted to the light. Just try to get the wingless queens, you don't need the males. Even if you find a winged queen, she might be mated.

    If you have a pool in your house, you're in luck. I know someone who gets hundreds of queens and males in their pool during nuptial flight season.

    Keep these queens in test tube setups and wait for her workers to eclose, then move them into proper formicariums.

    In winter, you have almost no hope of finding a queen, as all ants are in hibernation. You can use these time to browse through the mountain of information found on the internet. But be careful, as many information on Google might not be completely true. Instead, go to forums like The Ant Farm & Myrmecology Forum, or Mym's Ant Nest Forum. These forums have experienced ant keepers from all over the world. Ask any question you have there.

    Source(s): I'm an ant-keeper of a little over one year. Have two colonies with one over 100+ and another with over 500+ workers. Both colonies started from queens caught in the wild after their nuptial flight.
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