Any Auditions For Disney Channel Or Nickelodeon?

Hi everyone, I'm a 15 and half year old girl who lives in Palmdale, California. My birthday is January 11, I stand 5'2 and I love to dance and act. I was born and grew up in Los Angeles and my whole life I've been wanting and dreaming of being on tv on Disney Channel Or Nickelodeon, but basically I never know when there's auditions or casting calls since I live a small lonely town (Palmdale) and I was just wondering if any of you know when there's going to be auditions for any new shows or just to be an extra, or any agencies who would like to meet me. No rude comments please. Thank You.

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  • 7 years ago
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    Basically you're talking about wanting to be a professional actor - and professional acting is a business. It's not as easy as showing up at some audition and being "discovered" - that's not how the industry works.

    Your first step is to talk to your parents about wanting to work professionally. They HAVE to be on board with the whole idea. It's going to be a lot of work on their part to do the necessary research to learn about the industry and make sure people don't take advantage of you and that good decisions are made for your career. As an overview, SOME of the things you'll need to be a professional actor:

    * Talent

    * Quality acting training

    * Experience (on stage and in front of the camera)

    * Professional head shot

    * Professional acting resume

    * Acting reel (video of your on-screen work if you want )

    * A licensed talent agent

    * Several well-developed monologues for auditions

    * Be a member of an actors union (SAG-AFTRA or AEA are the big ones) or at least eligible to join.

    * A good network of contacts in the industry

    * A strong foundation and healthy ways to cope with the stress of trying to work professionally. You'll have to handle getting rejected far more than you'll be accepted. Be able to handle not getting a role because you didn't look "right" and not start obsessing over your looks - things like that.

    * As a minor, you need an entertainment work permit, Coogan trust account and parents willing to be the CEO of your career.

    Disney and Nickelodeon invest alot of money into their productions and they're going to trust that investment to trained and experienced professionals. So most casting is done through talent agents. How it usually works is like this: A casting director sends out a "breakdown" (a description of the role they want to cast) to licensed talent agents and managers. The the agent goes through the breakdowns and submits their clients for the appropriate roles and work to get their client auditions. Eventually to be a professional actor you're going to need a talent agent.

    And you can't just go out and hire a talent agent. Agents are paid a percentage of what their clients make (never pay an agent up front). Since agents are paid only if their clients are paid, they are picky about who they take on as clients. And they can afford to be picky because there are a ton more people wanting to be actors and needing an agent than there are parts. Generally agents are interested in people who have some acting training and experience.

    If you don't have an agent, you can "self submit". Which means sending in your head shot and resume directly to a casting director without an agent. Then if the casting director is interested in you, they'll contact you about an audition. This is pretty rare, but can happen. Because you live in the LA area, you have a better chance than those who don't. Alan Baltes has a website that lists casting directors for Disney productions ( ). Again - it's a long shot if you're not represented and your parents really do need to do the necessary research. Your best bet would be to focus on getting acting training and experience then finding a good talent agent to represent you.

    Extra work is not considered "acting". It's more like being moving scenery or human props. You don't include it as "experience" on an acting resume. For the most part, the people who cast extras are not the same as those who cast other roles. It's rare that an extra job would turn into a principal job or a new opportunity. But it does give you some experience and lets you see what things are like behinds the scene. You and your parents will have to investigate the best way to do that for you. There are companies that provide extras for Disney and other movies/TV shows, or you can try finding the casting calls on your own. (For example,

    So we're talking a huge investment of time, effort and money for both you and your parents with no guarantee of a return on the that investment. If you're looking for fame, fortune, popularity, attention, or the like you're going to be disappointed. It is not something easy to do and it's very competitive. Not saying you shouldn't try, but if you do - make sure it's for the right reasons.

    Here's a website with a lot of information you and your parents should look over:

    Good luck.

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  • 7 years ago

    Disney Channel does do open talent calls in the Summer. They usually do 2 open casting calls every summer, of course the 2012 one has already passed.

    You could wait until the 2013 one. BUT, I am going to be honest. I went to the 2011 Disney Casting call they held in Austin, TX. And, it was horrible. They make you go audition in a group and trust me, they won't even give you a glance unless you seriously put yourself out there, which you don't even have time to do. They give the group less than 10 minutes and then it is over. I would suggest getting a talent agent, and just going through the agency.

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  • Anonymous
    7 years ago

    Sometimes disney has open auditions but there hasn't been any in a long while. The ones for 2012 already passed in spring.

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  • Cogito
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    7 years ago

    The only way to get an audition for anything, including Disney and Nick, is through a good agent. They don't do open calls.

    And to get a good agent you'd need to have been attending a top LA stage school for many years and have loads of experience.

    No professional productions are ever interested in auditioning anyone without an agent.

    And being an extra is NOT acting. Extras are just human props, it won't get you into acting in any way.

    Ask about getting an agent at your stage school - they'll know if you're good enough and ready.

    Good luck!

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