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Starting Lineup: Rodgers, Rice, Spiller, Green, Welker, Gonzalez, Gronkowski, Bears, Gould?

So my starting Fantasy lineup is stacked. But I have a few currently benched that may be better. Weigh in here.

Aaron Rodgers

Ray Rice

C.J. Spiller

A.J. Green

Wes Welker

Tony Gonzalez

Rob Gronkowski

Bears D

Robbie Gould


Tom Brady

Alfred Morris

James Jones

Lawrence Tynes

Vincent Jackson

LeSean McCoy

Falcons D

I'm leaning towards only QB1: Brady > Rodgers and FLEX: A. Morris > Gronkowski.

Any swaps here?

**We had a redraft from 11 to 6 players, we're all stacked.

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  • Anonymous
    7 years ago
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    Brady is the only one on your bench who is worth starting. I would say McCoy, but I believe he got injured in his last start, howbeit I don't know how bad. For the most part, I would stick with your starters. ----------

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