"you shall not surely die" - Liar!; 'Abraham offered Ishmael' - ditto?



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    Adam and Eve STARTED to die. Remember, God warned them that they would die if they ate fruit from a certain tree. Well, the very day that they ate they BEGAN to die.

    Had they been faithful they would still be alive today. God intended they they live forever.It was God’s original purpose that man should live forever. Being perfect, the first man Adam had the opportunity to enjoy a span of life that would never end, subject to obedience to God. (Ge 2:15-17) However, because of disobedience, Adam forfeited that opportunity, and from him all the human race inherited sin and death.—Ro 5:12.

    Check theses verses:

    Ecclesiastes 3:11.

    Revelation 21:4

    John 5:24, 6:51, 58

    Also consider this, during the pre-Flood period, the life span approached a thousand years. (Ge 5:5-29) The people closer to man’s original perfection enjoyed greater longevity than those farther removed from it. The longest life on record is that of Methuselah, who lived 969 years. After the Flood, the human life span dropped rapidly.

    We are living now in what the Bible calls the "Last Days" (Matthew 24: 7-14, 2Timothy 3:1-5)

    Soon now God will take action to remove all wickedness and restore the Earth to his original plan (Psalm37:10-11, Matthew 5:5, and Revelation 21:1-4)

    No room to answer about Abraham too, but there is an explaination. Message me if you like. x

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    7 years ago

    In reference to "you shall not surely die"...

    The Biblical Hebrew says, "mot ta-moot." According to Rabbi Shmuel Golding, that literally means, "dying, you shall die." In context, it means that from the day they would eat of the forbidden fruit, they would begin to die; that is, their fate would be sealed. Theologically, that means they would be barred from the Tree of Life, the fruit of which, had they eaten of that instead of the fruit of the other tree, would have granted them eternal life; that is, they would not die.Since animals, who did NOT take part in eating the forbidden fruit also die, we can deduce that dying was always part of God's bio-system.

    In reference to 'Abraham offered Ishmael' -

    You are right; that is a lie. It is just one reason we know Mohammad was a false prophet, because God told Moses that Abraham nearly offered his other son, Isaac.

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