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Is the UCA (united canine association) a good dog registry?

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    No, it is not. The allow dogs that are on AKC LIMITED registration to be registered, and also promote colors of different breeds which would be disqualifying colors by AKC standards. It's just a *newbie* sham registry just like the others such as the CONtinental Kennel Club or the APRI.

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      AKC dogs I've seen are not always breed standard and many AKC kennels are puppy mills. I am considering UCA mostly because they accept breeds the AKC tries to destroy. Especially bully breeds. I'm sur there's some down sides but for me a registry that accepts my dogs and my word is good.

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    United Canine Association

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    Is the UCA (united canine association) a good dog registry?

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    It seems like the perfect place for new breeds and their breeders to go. It s also an option for those sick of AKC type registry s and their pompous rules and judge - mental nonsense.

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  • 7 years ago

    Nope. It's a made up business to promote selling puppies, nothing more.

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