How can i download Sims 3 Seasons if i have the original Sims 3 on steam?

I have bought the original Sims 3 from steam and have been playing on steam. I received a gift which is the new Sims 3 Seasons, and tried to download but when I try, the Sims 3 Seasons launcher says that I do not own an original Sims 3. Is there a way I can download the new Sims 3 Seasons?

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  • 8 years ago
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    Steam games must have steam expansion packs. You can't mix and match steam games with non-steams expansion packs. Pick one (steam or non-steam) and stick to it.

  • 4 years ago

    i'm having the same capture 22 situation lol, i'm maximum in all danger going to purchase seasons bc i love the sensible elements (season replacing!, climate, tanning/sunburns, vacations, etc) Christmas and Halloween look like they're going to be quite relaxing to play too. Supernatural to me, sounds like it may get dull after awhile bc I maximum in all danger may purely make some characters a vampire/fairy/wolf etc and not in any respect all and sundry and looks it may get dull bc i'd be focusing on that one personality, i opt for to turn on diff properties/households invariably in the course of the game even though it type of feels alot of ppl take excitement in supernatural besides so it actually relies upon on in case you may opt for it to stay sensible or pass for the supernatural/fantasy.

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