My English teacher recommended I get one of my short stories published, could someone help?

This may seem stupid to those who are experienced with this, but I really do need help, how would I publish a short story? (I'm not of age! I have an excuse for asking silly questions)

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    8 years ago
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    Depending on the content of the story will depend on the publisher, for instance I can't see Woman's Weekly taking on a gore fest horror and at the same time I can't see Asimov's taking on a romantic sappy story. So ask yourself the genre of the story, then look for magazines (either online or printed) that will allow submissions. You may have to be 18 or over to apply for membership of the magazine before its published, but sometimes that's not necessary (after all you could get paid for it).

    I'd not send it to anyone like Bantam or Orbit, Harper & Collins or Corgi, i'd look for specific magazines that will allow short stories submissions only.

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    Submit it to magazines, newspapers and contests! That's usually what it means to get a short story "published"

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    Ask 3 more people to read your story. Ask what suggestions they might have then try to make your story a little bit better and then you can publish your book

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