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Why all the layoffs liberals - OBAMACARE - this would not have happened if 0bama were not re-elected?

The First 48 Hours

Friday, November 9, 2012 – 2:30 PM

In just the first 48 hours since the election, hundreds of companies have already responded by immediately announcing layoffs, plant and store closures along with reducing the number of hours that employees will now be permitted work as full-time employees. There has been an extraordinary acceleration of these types of announcements in just a two day period. Below are just some examples of the enormous increase in adverse company announcements all in just 48 hours since the election.

Boeing Corp: Immediately announced in under 24 hours of the election that they will be closing multiple plants in CA and will begin laying off 30% of the executives in their defense unit workforce.

Caterpillar Corp: Immediately announced that they will close a major manufacturing plant in MN

US Cellular: Announced 1,000 layoffs on Wednesday

ING Bank: Announced 2,500 layoffs on Wednesday

Pepsi: Announced 4,000 layoffs on Thursday and will immediately begin reducing pension contributions

Energizer Battery: Announced 1,500 layoffs on Wednesday

Vestas Wind Systems: Announced 3,000 layoffs on Wednesday

Darden Restaurants: Announced that they will now limit all full time workers to under 28 hours per week as a direct result of Obama-care

West Ridge Mines: Announced they will immediately close a 204 year old coal mining plant as a direct result of the new energy policy restrictions imposed by the Obama administration

Target Stores: Announced on Wednesday that they will be closing stores in FL, CO, NC and VA

Kmart: Announced on Wednesday that they will be closing stores in IL and NC

Harley Davidson: Announced on Wednesday that they will be closing a major facility in TN

Bristol Meyers: Announced 500 layoffs

Hawker Aircraft: Announced 250 layoffs on Wednesday

Pratt Whitney Aircraft: Announced 100 layoffs on Wednesday

Westinghouse: Immediately announced that they will close their weapons facility in AL

Research in Motion: Announced 200 layoffs on Thursday

TE Connectivity: Announced 620 layoffs on Thursday and that they will close their plant in SC

Amerdose LLC: Announced 650 layoffs on Thursday (major medical supply company)

Husqvarna Corp: Announced 600 layoffs on Thursday (world’s largest supplier of garden tools)

SRA Workforce Network: Announced 222 layoffs on Thursday

City of Slidell LA: Announced 300 layoffs on Thursday

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    unfortunately, these companies are not going to go bankrupt per the obama economic plan. this is just the beginning. and then on top of that he wants 40% income tax for small business. definitely a job creation incentive.

    Disincentives to Hire

    ObamaCare’s employer mandate will discourage business development and growth. Small firms with 50 or fewer workers will have very strong disincentives to expand. These businesses can avoid the new penalties by staying small; growth will simply add new costs and burdens. Many businesses with low profit margins are unable to pay the substantial cost of providing comprehensive insurance to all of their employees or the new taxes under ObamaCare’s employer mandate. Once companies reach 50 employees, they are likely to turn to contractors and outsource work to evade the new mandate, even if such arrangements are less efficient than directly hiring new workers.

    Part-Time and Seasonal Employees

    Fines to employers under the employer mandate also are imposed on workers who are not full-time employees, where a combination of employees working 120 hours per month (around 30 hours per week) count as one employee. This provision in the bill especially hurts seasonal businesses, where it is frequently not cost effective to provide insurance benefits to an employee who will only be with the firm for a short period of time.

    Penalizing Low Income Household

    ObamaCare provides strong incentives for firms to avoid hiring workers from low-income households. Eligibility for subsidized insurance in the exchanges is based on household income, and firms can be penalized if one of their workers gets subsidized coverage in an exchange. Thus, firms have a strong incentive to find workers who won’t qualify for subsidized coverage, which may also lead to invasions of privacy. For instance, a restaurant might find it better to hire young waiters from upper-income neighborhoods, as opposed to low-income areas, because they would be less likely to qualify for subsidized insurance in the exchanges. ObamaCare therefore is penalizing the very households it was supposedly passed to help

    ing is laying off 200 in us

    vestas is laying off 182 in us

    hawker is laying off 170 in us\

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    Affordable Care Act survives, NDAA prospers, extra extensions on the PATRIOT act, even as all people simplest care in regards to the Political %. The Federal Reserve will keep on going.

  • Anonymous
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    You used that same e-mail the other dude used..1/3 of those companies are not American.

    We told you dimwit we don't do.. Blackmail...

  • 8 years ago

    Hawker Aircraft is UK

    Vestas Wind Systems is Danish

    Research in Motion is Canadian

    Husqvarna Corp is Swedish

    Source(s): At least check before parroting.
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    Liberals believe that raising the corporate tax, the personal income tax on the wealthy, and imposing ObamaCare tax on businesses will help them hire people and grow. Its idiotic at best.

    Obama should lower the taxes instead. America is the #1 consumers in the world. Add that with the lowest business tax in the world, Owners from every country would want to set up business here in America. The problem then would be not enough workers instead of not enough jobs. Its simple. And to the answer right above, Yes Romney knew what I just explained and was ready to implement. And to the Dexter right above, you mean to tell me, owners threw their money away because they were bitter? You must be delirious.

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    Romney could have stopped it instantly? Is anyone stupid enough to believe that?

  • Anonymous
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    Guess what? You are giving examples of an economy in flux. We are not in an economic boom. When is the last time you bought something from Westinghouse? Do you use U.S. cellular? Could businesses be closing because they are becoming obsolete? They are mismanaging their money? They aren't being innovative in their product creation and marketing?

    The government uses a system of checks and balances - the President is only 1/3 of the government. The House of Representatives and the Senate make up the other parties responsible for passing bills.

    DID YOU ELECT YOUR LOCAL REPS? Can you name your congressmen and women who are responsible for passing bills into law? Or do you think Obama just does it on his own? That wouldn't be a democracy.

    DO YOU KNOW THAT THE PRESIDENT doesn't control the economy? It's supply and demand.

    Source(s): political science teacher
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    CEOs told their workers, if Obama wins then its going to bad for them. Pretty much threatening them.

  • Anonymous
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    Pouting Republicans who love their political views more than they love the country.

    The part of Obamacare that requires employers to kick in doesn't even start till 2014.

    Had you googled you'd have learned your list is nonsense.

    Boeing already provides medical for their employees and always has, and layoffs are common with Boeing (Boeing retiree here).

    Vestas Wind Systems is Danish

    Ing Bank is Amsterdam

    Pepsi – google shows nothing under Pepsi layoffs except last Feb.

    US Cellular just sold their Chicago branch to Sprint

    Not a word about Pepsi layoffs in the news

    Energizer layoffs have nothing to do with the election; they’re streamlining in Malaysia, Canada and China too

    Hawker Aircraft is UK

    SRA announced layoffs before election results known, no correlation

    Target & Kmart periodically closes under-performing stores

    Harley Davidson closed that store before the election.

    Research in Motion is Canadian

    Bristol-Meyers had a lackluster third quarter, and its 480, not 500

    Hawker Beechcraft Corporation will lay off 170 employees in Wichita as part of a plan to emerge from Chapter 11 protection and be a stand-alone company.

    Pratt & Whitney Rocketdyne Inc. cut 100 salaried and hourly positions Wednesday as a response to an uncertain future of the space industry and the general economic climate.

    Westinghouse has downsized its workforce by about 100 positions over the last year through attrition, transfers of employees to other sites and voluntary departures.

    Research in Motion is reducing its global workforce; nothing to do with election.

    TE Connectivity said it’s just consolidating to improve efficiency; nothing to do with election.

    ‘Amerdose LLC 650 layoffs’ brings up no google results except you

    Besides, think. Layoffs that may happen on or about Election Day have been in the planning for weeks, if not months.


  • Joe
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    If you think the layoffs werent already coming, you're a fool.

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