What happen in Pretty Little Liars season 3?

Hello! I started watching season 3 Pretty Little Liars at the very beginning of the season. I kept watching until about episode 6, because cheer season was starting and I didn't have time to watch it. Only the first 4 episodes are on Hulu Plus (I have a membership) and I went on Wikipedia to find out what specifically happened in each episode. Okay here is what I want to specifically know, but a good overview would be fantastic(:

Jason: He's Ali's brother, and didn't he move back into the DiLaurentis's house (his old house) after

Maya was killed? Also, how does Jason get into the whole mess with the girls?

Paige: Who is she? All I know is that right now she is dating Emily. Did she and Emily meet from

school and how did they meet? Oh and why did Ali hate Paige when they were younger?

Lucas: I remember he knows Hannah, and then the girls suspected him as A. But what is going on

him now?

CeCe: Isn't she the lady that overheard Spencer and one of the girls talking about Spencer worried

about early admissions to U of Penn and CeCe told them that there was a party where

some guy that worked at U Penn could help get Spencer into the college?

Ian: Is he dead? Was it him or Garret that went missing? But then Garret is still alive..... So was Ian

the one that was killed by someone? If not, then where is Ian? He was dating Melissa a longgg

time ago and Spencer kissed him when she was in 7th grade and Ali knew, correct? and then Ian

was/is Spencer's field hockey coach, correct?

Noel Kahn: I'm reading the books, and he is one of the richest boy in town, even in the show right?

How did Noel come into this?

Nate (Lyson): Okay, so I know he pretended his name was Nate and he liked Emily or something like

that, but he lied and his name was actually Lyson and HE killed Maya. Why did he kill

Maya? Why was Maya hanging around the Kahn's estate? Why was Maya in the cabin

with a bag of her stuff and then Jenna, Noel, and I think A in the black hoodie come into

the cabin?

Alison DiLaurentis: Okay, so you know how Ali was arguing with Aria's dad, Byron, the night she

died? Do we know what they were talking about? And then Garret told Spencer

about the night Ali died, and how Ian and Melissa were in Ali's room and Garret

tried to hit Ali with a hockey stick but missed and hit a tree and told him to be

quiet because blind Jenna was there, and they wanted Jenna to think Garret

killed Ali. What the hell?!?!?!?! Why was that even happening? And why were Ian

and Melissa in Ali's room to begin with?

Toby: Okay, so what I know is that Spencer and him are going out, and then in the latest Halloween

episode Noel tells the liars that they need to stop bringing Jenna and him into all their messes,

Toby gets angry and shoves Noel in an ice cooler and ice spills out revealing a body bag..... Is

this Ali's body? And is Toby revealed to be the second "A"?

I believe that's it! Sorry for this being so long, and do you recommend me to just buy the lastest episodes? Like the last 7 or 8 of this season so far? Thanks!

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    Let's take it from the top!

    Jason - Ali's brother, he's older, he was involved with Garret and Ian (Melissa's ex-husband, tried to kill Spencer). He is mysterious and has a thing for Aria.

    Paige - first of all, she tried to drown Emily last year. Not literally, just held her under water to scare her off of becoming a team captain. Then she started to unofficially date Emily, but was too afraid to come out, also wasn't sure, so they stopped seeing each other. Ali and Paige didn't get along very well, then Ali used Emily to put Paige in a compromising position so that she could blackmail her.

    Lucas - Hanna met him in season 1, she kind of liked him, but was with Shawn(ex-boyfriend). Then "A" forced Hanna to use Lucas to dump Shawn. Then things got a little chilly between both of them, but when Caleb(Hanna's current boyfriend) left town because of awkward reasons ( it was all Mona), Lucas brought him back and they became friends. Then after the whole Mona thing went down, Lucas became dark, my suspicion is that Mona used to date him. Also Lucas hated Ali, she tormented him.

    CeCe - She and Ali met each other one summer. The girls met CeCe at the coffe shop, CeCe said a kind of Ali's catch phrase "you're always better off with a really good lie" and that caught the girls' attention. CeCe knows all the girls secrets cause Ali told her. I, personally LOVE CeCe, she could make a brilliant "A", but I don't want her to be :).

    Ian - NOT correct. Kissed him in the 9th grade, this isn't the book. Although, he was her field hockey coach. Yes, that drama is correct. He shot dirty videos along with Garret and Jason. Girls thought he was "A", so Spencer confronted him, then he tried to kill her, but just when she was bout to fall off the belltower, a figure with a black hoodie who Ian knew, saved Spencer by throwing him instead of her. After the police arrived, policeman asked if it was a joke - there's no body. Later, the body was found along with a suicide note. It was fake, Emily figured it out.

    Noel - I like him because of something in season 3, he helped the girls. Yes, he is rich. When Aria was with her teacher, she kind of started to hang out with Noel, but then dumped him. Noel did some digging and found out about them. He blackmailed them for a bit, but when Ezra (the teacher) refused, Noel decided to go public, but "A" saved their asses by framing him for stealing test questions.

    Nate- it's Lyndon, not Lynson. He was Maya's stalker from rehab camp. He killed Maya when she refused to be with him. Maya decided to smoke pot again and ran way from home, Emily refused to go with her. Maya hid in Noel's cabin for a few days. If you saw that tape where Jenna and Noel went into the cabin, and then Maya came out and someone grabbed her (God, that was scary) - that wasn't "A", that was Lyndon (Nate).

    Ali - they were in her room because of an arguement, and Melissa came in sorming, because Ali flirted with Ian. You need to see that scene where Garret hits her with a stick, that was just to scare her.

    Toby - he isn't revealed, but Spencer will find out soon - the producers said so. Yes, that's Ali's body, that is confirmed. Her body was stolen in episode 1 season 3. Also, Spencer slept with him (her first time). He was "A"that time, so he's a jerk to do that.

    Buy the latest episodes!!! Halloween is the latest one, so buy season 1. Buy good quality, with a bad one it won't be fun to watch.

    Source(s): Hope I answered. If you have any other questions, just make another question, I have a saved search for PLL :).
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