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Why do we need nuclear weapons ?

Why did Human race develop nuclear weapons, even threatening each others with it ?

Do not tell me that is for war. even idiots knows that from history books. i want to know some creative and innovative answers from your independent brain. because that's important. who is Eisenstein ? who dont use Free energy before nuclear bomb was invented ? who can benefit from nuclear bomb ?

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    Auroch and Terry dont know what they are talking about.

    Nuclear weapons do not make billionaires. How would they? Private companies do not make nukes, the govt does. They provide thousands of jobs for americans. They are what keep communites like Livermore or Northern New Mexico or Oak Ridge thriving. Without the nuclear weapon complex, thousands of americans would lose their jobs.

    Ironic Terry: the world has been at peace for years. Since 1945. What significant event happened that year? The creation of NUCLEAR WEAPONS. Look at the past 2000 years in history. Every 30-40 years in history, the world has seen a conflict that killed millions of people, somewhere in the world. Since 1945, the world has not seen such a long period of peace.

    Nuclear weapons are a necessary evil. They keep the peace. No one uses them cuz they know they will get nuked in return. The Idea of Mutually Assured Destruction (MAD). We cant univent nukes, so all we can do is make sure no one uses them. We cant get rid of our nukes, cuz no one else will. Even if everyone did, all it would take is one nation to build ONE nuke, and they could essentially hold the world for ransom. "Do what i say or you will get nuked"

    Einstein is a physicist who created the theory of relativity (E=mc^2). besides that, he had nothing to do with nuclear wepapons. all he did is write a letter to roosevelt warning him that german was working on nuclear wepons.

    what free energy??

    The world benefits from nuclear bombs. Its ironic, all the european countries and others in the world that complain about nukes, are protected by our nukes under our NATO treaty and ither treaties. If we backed from that treaty, i guarantee you more nuclear weapon states would pop up. nukes keep the world from going into total chaos, into WWIII

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    With a nuclear war earths population would be decreased and could potential save earths life depending on exactly what happens. Stupid people would die off though do that's a plus

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    fear/hysteria is actually a kind of evil you know

    read lord of the flies or wtvr that book is called

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    nobody can benefit from nuclear weapons. but we never learn . We are still building bigger weapons, horrible weapons. chemical warfare and the excuse is, to keep the piece

    What peace, the would has been a war for years ,

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    Humans aren't very smart - they're easily frightened and controlled.

    The real reason we have nukes is that they make Billionaires TRILLIONS of dollars. For 50 years we were convinced that spending TRILLIONS on useless weapons was absolutely necessary. Whenever people began to wake up, the rich folks would create a NEW fake crisis - a "missile gap" as Reagan put it once. That meant we had to QUICK BUILD MORE.... QUICK pour more money into the pockets of Billionaires!

  • Its all about fear factor. If you have nukes other nations will take you seriously. We only have nukes to control the world. Had we not had nukes, we would be having wars every day. Nukes make people think twice

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