Will the GOP continue their stalling the economy or will they except Obama won a second term?

The GOP is still focused on trying to under mind President Obama by continuing to invent this conspiracy theory against Obama on Benghazi. McCain who is a washed up Hero or for better words, has shamed himself with all this nonsense talk. Graham has joined McCain in making himself look really stupid.

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    The GOP will do what their rich masters tell them to do.

    US Embassies & consulates attacked under Bush:

    June 14, 2002, U.S. consulate in Karachi, Pakistan

    Suicide bomber kills 12 and injures 51.

    February 20, 2003, international diplomatic compound in Riyadh, Saudi Arabia

    Truck bomb kills 17.

    February 28, 2003, U.S. consulate in Karachi, Pakistan

    Gunmen on motorcycles killed two consulate guards.

    July 30, 2004, U.S. embassy in Taskkent, Uzbekistan

    Suicide bomber kills two.

    December 6, 2004, U.S. consulate in Jeddah, Saudi Arabia

    Militants stormed and occupied perimeter wall. Five killed, 10 wounded.

    March 2, 2006, U.S. consulate in Karachi, Pakistan

    Suicide car bomber killed four, including a U.S. diplomate directly targeted by the assailants.

    September 12, 2006, U.S. embassy in Damascus, Syria

    Gunmen attacked embassy with grenades, automatic weapons, and a car bomb (though second truck bomb failed to detonate). One killed and 13 wounded.

    January 12, 2007, U.S. embassy in Athens, Greece

    A rocket-propelled grenade was fired at the embassy building. No one was injured.

    July 9, 2008, U.S. consulate in Istanbul, Turkey

    Armed men attacked consulate with pistols and shotguns. Three policemen killed.

    March 18, 2008, U.S. embassy in Sana'a, Yemen

    Mortar attack misses embassy, hits nearby girls' school instead.

    September 17, 2008, U.S. embassy in Sana'a, Yemen

    Militants dressed as policemen attacked the embassy with RPGs, rifles, grenades and car bombs. Six Yemeni soldiers and seven civilians were killed. Sixteen more were injured.

    The University of Maryland database also lists 64 attacks on American diplomatic targets during the George W. Bush administration, including car bombs at the US embassy in Yemen and armed attackers assaulting a US consulate in Saudi Arabia.

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  • Anonymous
    7 years ago

    They will do everything they can to hurt the country.

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  • Carl P
    Lv 7
    7 years ago

    The GOP will hide behind words and non action till their own voters rise in arms against them.

    They rarely ever learn or listen.

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  • 7 years ago

    your liberal education is showing - "except"????

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