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Problems with Photoshop CS6 trial download?

I'm trying to download the Photoshop CS6 free trial. I downloaded the installer and let it extract and such, but when I run the setup it keeps telling me I already have a "conflicting or prerelease version of Adobe Photoshop CS6" on my computer. I did have the trial for the prerelease version of CS6 portable, but it expired and I got rid of it. I've searched everywhere I can think of on my computer (Program files, appdata, Windows, etc.) and ran several searches for "photoshop," "CS6," and "Adobe" and permanently deleted everything that had to do with photoshop. I even went as far as to get rid of any files I created with photoshop. Still, I get the same error over and over. Anyone know what might be causing this?

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  • B K
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    7 years ago
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    There is no such software as Photoshop CS6 Portable, so what you installed must have been illegal pirated software. Adobe does not produce portable versions of Photoshop.

    It has probably mucked up your entire system, and you may even have a virus, and there are probably registry conflicts or issues that are preventing you from installing the legitimate software.

    Let that be a lesson learned.

    As to fixing the damage, make sure you do an anti-virus scan, and perhaps an anit malware scan just to be safe using something such as malwarebytes.

    Then try the CS6 cleaner tool provided by Adobe. http://helpx.adobe.com/creative-suite/kb/cs5-clean...

    If you are contemplating stealing Photoshop, I would advise against it. There is certainly no need to do that these days since perfectly legal Open Source image editors such as GIMP http://www.gimp.org exist. And that are perfectly capable of doing 99% of the same stuff as Photoshop.

  • Anonymous
    5 years ago

    Photoshop CS6 Portable don't product of Adobe. Photoshop CS6 Portable can be a virus. You should download trial version then setup as tutorial below link


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