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why did anna kournikova and andy roddick retire so young?

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  • Matt
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    7 years ago
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    Kournikova had injury problems and Roddick did not retire young.

    EDIT: She had a stress fracture in her foot in 01 missed half the season and afterwords had numerous problems with her legs and back, just two years later her rankings in both singles and doubles had dropped drastically (Year end of 03 she was at 305th in singles and 176th in doubles) seeing as she had earned over 3.5 million in career prize money any modeling income she's bring in is just bonus.

    Roddick won two titles in 2012 both of them not even 6 months ago so to say that he would never win another tournament is simply wrong. Seeing as tennis is an individual sport where there are no limits on participants by country (except for the Olympics and Davis/Fed cup) its not possible for a player to be in the way of his compatriots.

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  • Sundi
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    7 years ago

    lol Kournikova had injury problems? She "retired" to spend more time on modeling.

    Roddick finally retired because he realized he wasn't going to win ANY tournament again. He also hasn't been a good representative and motivator to young US players. It was time to get out the way and hope someone helped our country get back on track.

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  • 7 years ago

    Because tennis is actually really tiring and exerting. It is a very intense sport at the top level. All of the physical and mental stress on a person can only last for so long before they want everything to calm down.

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