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How were Jiang Zemin and Hu Jintao different politically? Was one more liberal and the other more conservative?

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    Jiang Zemin's policies were more conservative than Hu Jintao's.

    The return to conservatism (i.e., efforts to greater coerce the People into supporting "imperialistic expansion" of PRC controlled territory) in the PRC Government appears to indicate that the CCP still fears the Voice of the People (more and more of whom have, under Hu, become better informed by being wealthy enough to use computers to gain access to information), and they wish to crack down on it.

    I expect to see more "flag waving" and warmongering shouts of "IT IS OURS AND WE WILL TAKE IT BACK!!!" coming fom the new Standing Committee. This is seen clearly as the fictitious phrasing "Territorial Integrity!", the adamant words of a BULLY wishing only to abuse other people who are weaker, just for their own profit! The correct term is "Imperialistic Territorial Expansion".

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    The honest truth is that most of the territories the PRC has already invaded and conquered were only Tributary States of previous Chinese Dynasties whose leadership the CCP Han Supremacists murdered, and the people therein do NOT wish to be under the control of Beijing's criminals.

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    Torturing, execution and imprisonment were more serious and widespread during Jiang's reign than Hu's. It's just a matter of one is evilish while the other more evilish.

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