I need help with my life. What do we chose in life? Money or happiness?

Crap. I don't know where to start... Hello, I'm seventeen freaken years old and so far my life's ****. I'd like to express HOW a young fellow like me is at a dead-end. But it's too depressing. I'll type it in for those who'd like to hear, and for those who don't, just skip my dramatic-life-story...

(((((It all started... I don't know, but it was happening... My life was looking good, I'd go to school (I still go to school) and come back with my friends, it's odd for a seventeen year old to be hanging out with the upper classmen but oh well... Short story is my friends always came to have sleep overs and what not... They are all eighteen years old and i found it quite odd that Chloe (my best friend) was the most social girl to be talking to my dad, they'd even make physical contact which i ignored... Well they were having an affair for a good; i don't know... ten months? So those sick fks mad me believe you can't trust no one, including your own family. I don't even think i want some dick to be hanging around me... Fkn women and men they all lie, most of them are men, what am i talkin about?))))))

So now I'm left thinking what the hell am i gonna do in the future? I keep stressing over my life i'm even staring to sprout white hair, their coming out like wildflowers... :( -sighs- I can't eat, can't sleep neither can my mom... I feel horrible. Right now I'm really hoping that Mayan prediction comes true... I took the ASVAB and a few weeks later i got a call from a recruiter in the Army asking if I'd like to join the military... I don't really care for physical labor, that motherfker called my father was a fken mechanic... I'd like to know how to operate a rifle or gun, though i don't see me doing that as a career... I love to draw, paint, or hell even create things with my hands. Though being that this dramatic **** popped out in the blue i've been depressed and i don't feel like going on imvu, eating my food, talkin to these so-called-friends-of-mine, drawing my art assignment, and basically everything else... It's like time has frozen over my side of the world here... My mom's been worried, talking about my problem on yahoo answers is my last resort, i ain't going to no shrink...

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  • 7 years ago
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    What does your dad having an affair matter to you. He is still your dad, and although highly "uncool" you liked him before you can still like him now. Who he has sex with is between him and your mother, not you.

    That said, quit being a baby and grow up. The army would be a good start for you, since it seems you need to be slapped in the head hard core to get the picture. They will give you money for school after your done with them.

    In short your life isn't horrible, you just don't know how to cope with anything it appears. Not easy I am saying, but you do what you need to do, and death shouldn't be in the equation. So man up, do so manual labor and feel good about yourself.

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  • 3 years ago

    in my view I haven't any use for funds I recommend that's effective to have you ever've have been given to pay the charges. even nevertheless it makes human beings grasping. so as long as God in simple terms ingredients my desires in that section i'm happy. yet happiness love. i ought to on no account get carry of sufficient. that is my in simple terms ideal purpose, Love, exhilaration Peace

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  • Mircat
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    7 years ago

    You "ain't going to no shrink," my guess you ain't going to no English class either.

    This is what I'm reading in your life story. Your life was good, you had friends. Then your best female friend f**ked your father and then the both of them f**ked up your life and your mom's life. Now all men and all women are lying cheaters. Their f**king has caused you to be unable to see a future for yourself, not eating, not going on, being depressed and you hope the world comes to an end next month. And your last resort is to talk about it here because there is no where else to go, but you ain't seeing no shrink?

    I think you have the right to be angry at your dad and hopefully the ex-female friend. I'm sure you were mortified, humiliated, embarrassed, and possibly the butt of jokes by your friends. I think your should punch a few pillows or a bag at the gym and say your dad's name while punching the bag.

    The way I see it, you have a few options: (1) Continue on whining and letting your dad's inexcusable behavior ruin you and give grievious worry to your mom by adding more stress to her already overloaded emotions (2) Pull yourself up by your Army bootstraps and move on and forget about it or (3) Sit down with your mom and start exercising those almost adult wings and try to help each other get your heads on straight. You're two hurting people and you can't climb out of this mess by yourselves. A trained profesional counselor of some type would probably be exactly what your mom needs about now. Why wouldn't you and she go together to vent your anger and shock and sadness then let the counselor help guide both of you through all the emotions and out the other side? Because dude, from where I'm sitting, you sound lost and in need of a guide and you don't have a compass. I'm pointing you in the right direction, a few sessions with your mom if for no other reason that you love her and she loves you and the two of you want to be winners not the loser you dad is right now.

    The best revenge in my mind is success. You come out of this with your head on straight and a great bond with your mom, one that will stick with you the rest of your life because look what you will have come through and achieved together. I don't see why you should let your dad's behavior over power yours. You sounded like a happy go lucky kinda kid BC (before chloe) so I know you have lots of inner strength in you. Use that now, one step at a time, go forward, help your mom, become a man she will be proud of no matter what path you choose for your future arts or military or even a therapst! You are what you make of you NOT what your dad's behavior makes of you. He did that to himself. Separate yourself from that. There's nothing wrong with you or your mom and some objective counselor can help you see that.

    This has been a big bump along life's road but it shouldn't destroy the two of you. It can make you better people. Not the way anyone chooses to become better but it happens. You go on and know what marriage vows mean and how your behavior as a husband and father affects your kids and you will be a great dad. Your mom will be stronger and learn to trust again and she'll have you there to show her how to laugh not worry.

    It's true, it's all workable, it can be done, I'm not jacking you around. Go hug your mom and have a chat. My very best wishes to the both of you as you heal.

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  • 7 years ago

    Money is essential to buy creature comforts that add serenity and happiness to living.

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