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Third date don't know what to do?

Okay I am 15 and have been dating this guy a week we have gone on two dates. We went to ice cream then hung out at the park and a movie tomorrow we are going to lunch and idk what I should order because I don't want him to think I'm a pig or I feel the need to be on a diet. We are going to red robin should I just get what I normally get btw I know this is a stupid question but its important to me. So thank you

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    Very sweet your worried about this. I would appreciate you just eating well. If I took you to dinner I want you to eat and enjoy it.

    Myself, I would be more impressed by you, then what you eat. I like a girl to wear a dress if I take her out to a nice place. Other then a dive bar, that is what a girl in jeans gets. Show up in shorts and a t-shirt and it's a night in. I believe it just shows some respect and appreciation. You know, if you would like to be treated special, you should look like a lady. See ?

    You know that is allot of money to spend on you for a 15 years old. A little sweetness goes a long way.

    K ? honey, you got this.

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    There is a reason you 2 are dating. Because he likes you so just keep your same eating habits because apparently they are working for you :p

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    trust me on this:

    Guys love girls with a good diet!!! When you'll pig out on your food: he ll be watching you and say OMG that is AWESOMEEE!!!!

    Think about it this way: Guys love 3 things: Food, Girls and Drinks!!!

    I love girls that have a big diet, as long as they arent fat or anything lol. I go to the gym a lot and love food :). Trust me: PIG IT OUT!!!! HE WILL LOVE YOU>>>!!! Its the coolest thing...

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    i hate relationships

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    Just That's the only thing you can be. Unless you plan on ordering two burgers or something, just order what you normally like! Guys actually like it when girls eat around them. You aren't a pig if you do. You're being YOU and will act more natural.

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