Do you believe that human beings can achieve a high level of morality without religious doctrines?

As a side note to the atheists, how do you justify morality. For instance, is morality based on what is fair and equal? Do our innate fears or drives affect what are good and moral? Is morality something we learned to help society achieve it's collective goals? Is morality universal or relative; objective or subjective? Does morality evolve over time?

I don't expect every question to be answered. They are just there to help you think!

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  • 7 years ago
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    "Is morality something we learned to help society achieve it's collective goals?" In answering this question think about the Holocaust and Hitler(murder of the Jews wasn't considered "wrong" in there society during that time.)

    "Is morality universal or relative; objective or subjective?" Yes, everyone in general agrees that murder, stealing, lying, adultery and other sins are wrong(Conscience tells us). Hence biblical doctrine!

    Consider this too!:

    The bad news: We all have sinned (violated God's law) and fall short to the glory of God (Romans 3:23). God can not tolerate sin and will punish for it because of his holiness and justice (Isaiah 13:11). Which means that there is no one who is good, but God alone, and the wages of sin is death(Hell). (Romans 3:10-18, Romans 6:23)

    The good news: The good news is that God loved us so much that he sent his son to take the punishment for our sins, so who that whoever believes in him should not go to hell but have everlasting life (John 3:16). All you need to is repent from your sins and place your faith in Jesus Christ. The moment you do that you will be forgiven from your sins and know and will be granted everlasting life into heaven. (Romans 10:13)

    Please think about this! You can die at any moment and youth is no guarantee of a long life!

  • 7 years ago

    Morality is relative, and subjective. Morality can be taught, but the adherents will be little more than freeborn slaves. Morality can evolve per individual experience, but the outcome will be bittersweet.

    As long as the human nature is in a flux between goodness vs. wickedness, a "high level of morality" can be exhibited through the use of religious doctrine. But backsliding, being driven between two natures, will be present. One of the natures has to die, for the other to florish.

    The new birth with the spontaneity of life coming from the Spirit filled heart of a believer, is the goal.

    When, or if, a person is "sealed"(Ephesians 1:13), so that only the Creator's Holy Spirit can enter in, that person is like the second Adam, Yahshua Christ, who also was made in the Creator's image.

    The Creator, who said, "Call me, My Father..."-Jeremiah 3:19.

    The first Adam lost the hand dealt to him, so that his third son, Seth, was born in Adam's image,

    and susceptable to infiltration by the satan. And all the children born through Seth has the same infirmity, unless they are re-born through the blood of the second Adam, Yahshua Christ. Then they will be restored as when Christ declared:

    "Here comes the ruler of the world, and he has nothing in me."-John 14:30.

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    I try to answer your questions in order. then I have something extra at the bottom. Give me some feedback when you pick the best answer.

    Oh I'm not atheist....I'm open minded so I'll still answer

    What is fair and equal though? If anything our innate fears would make us less moral and more selfish. Not really, ask a kid a question and they will tell you if it is right or wrong, they weren't taught that. Yes, Yes, Yes, and probably Yes.

    Morality is a really, huge, broad subject, the definition morality is defined differently for each person. To answer your main question, no you don't need religious doctrines imo to be a "decent" person, or a "moral" person. But going above the general consensus of what being moral means takes imo spiritual help.

    It's not hard to let people go in front of you in a line, it's not difficult to take care of people you like. It's not hard not to steal. There are many things that are very black and white.

    Things like these are what really matters, you wouldn't call these morals though

    What about being patient, with people you despise?

    What about showing generosity with people you don't like?

    What about reaching out to a cold family member?

  • 7 years ago

    We evolved to have morality. It is called an evolutionary stable strategy and it is slightly more complex than "Is this fair and equal?" Consider a mother stealing food to feed her starving children. Is it moral that she takes food belonging to another? Is it moral that another should stockpile food whilst others starve? We evolved to do that which benefits our genes or those carrying genes similar to ours. This is why some people will jump into a raging river to save a stranger's child. It has nothing to do with religion because most of the doctrines of religion have very little to do with what is moral and more to do with the survival of the religion e.g. Thou shalt not worship any other Gods. If they were concerned about morality, they would have included "Thou shalt not bugger thy neighbours child" rather than coveting their ox.

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  • 7 years ago

    I do believe the religious doctrines are actually stepping stones, which enable man to further himself in the eyes of God, the main creator. As one travels and goes to other countries, one finds that changes, from place to place, culture to culture, so what is fair in one place, just may not be accepted or accessible in another. Society maintains/achieves collective goals depending on the amount of corporation and carrying out of the rules and regulations, maintained, *within that culture/religion or any other sect, or group. What is morally universal, is that the Absolute is God, not an object issue, it just is, It is GOD, alternatives to that are not substantial enough to explain the existence of God, or that he is and always was, Sovereign. * "No", over time, mortality will not *discenegrate, *only man dose, *man changes and depreciates with the time-element, *NOT God, Not real *MORTALITY OR THE WORD OF GOD, *not *His *Absoluteness, * that *never changes or takes on another *presence, or *mediocre meaning.

    Source(s): It's quite simple, no matter how it is twisted or contorted, God is Supreme, He is Love, Everlasting, always was, always will be, all else is *impermanent.
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    Some can. Perhaps some cannot. We regularly see religious people post, here, that they would be murdering, raping fools, if thewy didn't have the influence of religion in their lives. I take them at their word. But prison statistics make it very clear that atheists are not a problem for society, from the standpoint of being unlawful, at least in comparison to religious people.

    The Golden rule is not a commandment, but is a reminder of social cause-and-effect.

    I recognize that I make a lot of the reality around me, continuously, by my actions and choices. If I wanted to live in a more hostile, selfish and leawless society, I would make more hostile, selfish and unlawful choices. If I wanted to live in a more generous, peaceful and loving society, I would make more generous, peacefuil and loving choices. And I am not talking about being held specitfically accountable for my choices. I am talking about how my choices reflect back to me by the society I modify around myself.

    People who are not able to understand the multilevel interconnectedness of their own choices and how everyone around them acts, need simple, one step rules to help them do right and avoid wrong. The utimate one step religious moral concept is, "break a rule and God gets mad at you". "Fail to be generous and helpful to others, and God gets mad at you."

    Religious morals are ethics for dummies.



    John Popelish

  • 7 years ago

    If you took every person on earth today and compared that to how many have died in wars since about 400 AD it would take one out of every ten people alive today. That does not count murder and genocide. So religions have not done their job I think all of them tell us not to kill but we just don't get it do we? Morality does not evolve it changes depending on what we want. For instance if a woman wants to abort a fetus in the womb she will do so and justify it. We don't seem to have a problem killing people against their will but when it is their will like in assisted suicide we have a big problem with that. We will not achieve collective goals until we get rid of exclusive ideas and start seeing the same Self in all life and start doing what works for all of us instead of what does not work.. and religions have helped bring us to the brink of extinction of our species. Think about it we have nuclear weapons in the hands of people still acting like children fighting over our toys.

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    7 years ago

    Fear only drives morality for religious types who do the right thing simply to avoid burning in hell for an eternity. Atheists don't have that fear, nor do they need a book to tell them what is right or wrong.

    Morality is not universal. Different cultures have different beliefs regarding what is good and what is not. Even religious people and non-religious people in the same country do not share the same morals. For instance, I do not believe any religious person has a right to tell gay people they cannot marry. That is patently unfair and therefore immoral. It's just as bad as if they tried to keep black people or atheists from marrying.

    Overall, my morality comes from within. It is not something I have to think about simply because I am a good person and tend to act in the best interests of those around me.

  • 7 years ago

    Of course... I don't want to brag but I come from a non religious family and I've brought up my family without any religions as well we all work hard and get along very good together. We are much better off and well adjusted than most of the Christian family's I know.

  • Anonymous
    7 years ago

    That will never be possible. Godless Atheists like Richard Dawkins, Neil Degrasse Tyson, and Bill Nye are turning our world towards sin. The above godless atheist Richard Dawkins ERRONEOUSLY theorizes that individuals with genes indicative towards altruism were more desirable to mates, and thus in an organized society this effect was magnified resulting in what we now know as morality. Friedrich Nietzsche (the heretic who said God is dead) states in his nihilistic philosophies that nothing really means anything, and that meaning and morality only exist as we as individuals define them. This is of course false because the good book gives us all the morality we need. Atheists are full of sin and are working underground to tear our world apart. They most definitely do not have their own moral codes that they themselves have formulated as free thinkers. It's not like they have morality without the need to be threatened by eternal torture, or rewarded with eternal ecstasy. It's definitely not like that. Definitely.

    Source(s): Richard Dawkins' infidel book 'The God Delusion.' The American secular association, 'Good without God'. Heed not these heretics comrade.
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