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history of the world ( timeline )?

I want to learn the history of the world.

Starting form Adam and eve to this minute.

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    A really good history which does not go into detail in terms of religious creation mythologies, which is short and scholarly is:

    Source(s): Dalal, Roshen - The Compact Timeline History of the World. Cambridge: WorthPress: 2010
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    a million - 2 hundred Pax Romana 2 hundred - 476 Barbarian incursions of the Roman Empire. 378 Roman military destroyed on the conflict of Adrianople 451 Attila the Hun defeated on the conflict of Chalons, saving Western Europe from conquest by technique of the Huns. 476 Fall of the Roman Empire in the West 476 - 1097 The darkish a even as 620 - 660 Arab Conquest 732 Muslim improve in Europe halted on the conflict of excursions 800 Charlemagne topped first Holy Roman Emperor 955 Magyars defeated in Germany 1054 chop up between the Catholic Church in Rome, and The Greek Orthodox Church in Constantinople 1066 conflict of Hastings and Norman Conquest of england 1071 Seljuk Turks defeat Byzantines on the conflict of Manzikert.starting up of the decline of the Byzantine Empire. 1099 - First campaign captures Jerusalem 1190 - 1261 Mongols triumph over a huge empire 1204 seize of Constantinople by technique of the Fourth campaign 1261 Byzantines regain Constantinople 1290 -1402 upward push of the Ottoman empire 1291 Renaissance starts off with the works of Giotto in Florence 1291 Fall of Acre, very last Crusader possession in the Holy Land. 1336 Hundred Years conflict starts off 1378 Papal Schism starts off 1381 - 1405 Conquests of Timur the finished

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    Well first of all their no historical evidence of Adam and Eve. If you go really back in History than you will end up in the Mesozoic Era which is when Humans didn't even exist yet. Then if you go really back then you will end up in the Paleozoic Era in which life was transitioned onto land. This is something the bible doesn't explain nor it can explain.

    If you want to learn History of the world then I recommend you reading world history book. You can buy "World History for dummies" at your local book store. A simple outline of the world history.

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    There is a good TV show called Andrew Marr's history of thee world. You can watch by going on this website and searching for it. It covers the whole history of the world.


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