Which book should I read for a lit analyis?

I know theres alot but hey i cant decide.

The Woman in the Dunes

A Wreath for Udumo

Things Fall Apart

Watership Down

A Death in the Family

The Wanderer

Helliconia Spring

Gabriela, Clove and Cinnamon

The Care of Time

Lucky Jim

Winesburg, Ohio

The Dollmaker

The Handmaid’s Tale

Pride and Prejudice

Northanger Abbey

Sense and Sensibility

Another Country

Go Tell It on the Mountain

Hanto Yo

The Moon By the Water

Humbolt’s Gift

Something Wicked This Way Comes

Wuthering Heights

Jane Eyre

The Good Earth

The Plague

My Antonia

Don Quixote

The Awakening

The Moonstone

The Secret Sharer


Lord Jim

All the Pretty Horses

The Hours

The Divine Comedy

Moll Flanders

Robinson Crusoe

Bleak House

Hard Times

David Copperfield

A Yellow Raft Is Blue Water

An American Tragedy

Sister Carrie


The Name of the Rose

Adam Bede

Silas Marner

The Invisible Man

The Scarlet Pimpernel

Absolom, Absolom!

Light in August

The Unvanquished

The Sound and the Fury

The History of Tom Jones

Joseph Andrews

Madame Bovary

A Passage to India

The French Lieutenant’s Woman


Lord of the Flies

A World of Strangers

I, Claudius

The Power and the Glory

Ordinary People

Snow Falling on Cedars

Far From the Madding Crowd

The Return of the Native

Jude the Obscure

Tess of the D’Urbervilles


The Sun Also Rises

A Single Pebble


Their Eyes Were Watching God

The Portrait of a Lady

The Turn of the Screw

Washington Square

The Trial


One Flew Over the Cuckoo’s Nest

Animal Dreams

The Bean Trees

The Poisonwood Bible

A Separate Peace

Darkness at Noon

Christmas at Fontaines

The Stone Angel

Sons and Lovers



Main Street

Scent of Cloves

The Shadow Man

The Watch That Ends the Night

The Assistant

Man’s Fate


The Magic Mountain

Nectar in a Sieve

One Hundred Years of Solitude

Of Human Bondage

Moby Dick

House Made of Dawn

The Cruel Sea

A Death in China


Song of Solomon


A House for Mr. Biswas


Going After Cacciato

Wise Blood

Cry, the Beloved Country

The Family of Women

All the King’s Men

The Chosen

The Shipping News


Atlas Shrugged

All Quiet on the Western Front

Wide Sargasso Sea

Ties of Blood and Silver

Call It Sleep

American Pastoral

Bonjour Tristesse

The Nine Taylors

The Last of the Just


The Young Lions


On the Beach


The Jungle

The Gulag Archipelago

East of Eden

The Grapes of Wrath

The Strange Case of Dr. Jekyll and Mr. Hyde

Lie Down in Darkness

Gullivers Travels

Vanity Fair

The Mosquito Coast

War and Peace

Anna Karenina

Fools of Fortune

Pudd’nhead Wilson

Huckleberry Finn

Rabbit Run

Slaughterhouse 5

The Color Purple

Brideshead Revisited

A Handful of Dust

The Loved One

The Age of Innocence


The House of Mirth

The Once and Future King

Welcome Chaos

Look Homeward, Angel

To the Lighthouse

Native Son

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  • 7 years ago
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    Interesting list. I've read a few, a few are on my to-read list, I'm going to look up some of the others and maybe add them to my to read list.

    David Copperfield - Very entertaining. Dickens is one of the all-time great storytellers. Also great for giving you a feel for England in the mid 1800s.

    A Passage to India - boring

    The French Lieutenant’s Woman - many people say this is their favorite book. It's on my to-read list.

    Lord of the Flies - entertaining and disturbing. You need to read this to understand that pessimistic view of humanity. I don't entirely agree with it, but it's something that everybody needs to think about.

    Catch-22 - on my to-read list.

    Moby Dick - on my to-read list. But first I want to read his semi-autobiographical novels about jumping ship on a South Sea island and falling in love with a native girl - Typee: A Peep at Polynesian Life, Omoo, and Mardi. I think all 3 are available free online.

    Cry, the Beloved Country - I read this about 45 years ago. It was very moving. It will make you want to go out and fight prejudice and oppression. After reading it, think about how we're currently treating Mexican immigrants ("illegal aliens").

    All the King’s Men - on my to-read list. Fictionalized story of Huey Long. Very educational. I also want to see the movie version that starred the great Broderick Crawford. Also the version starring Sean Penn.

    Anthem - Rand's short sci-fi novel. Very philosophical and poetical.

    Atlas Shrugged - one of my favorite books. Be true to your own values. Don't sacrifice yourself for "mindless slugs." The movie Atlas Shrugged Part 1 is available on Pirate Bay. I think Atlas Shrugged Part 2 is still in theaters.

    On the Beach - on my to-read list. I've read another book, Trustee in the Toolroom, by the same author. That was a very entertaining book.

    The Grapes of Wrath - one of my favorite books. Also the movie with Henry Fonda as Tom Joad. And The Ballad of Tom Joad by Woody Guthrie.

    Here's Henry Fonda delivering the "I'll be there" speech:


    Here's Woody Guthrie singing The Ballad of Tom Joad (which includes the "I'll be there" speech).


    Youtube thumbnail

    And, a little off topic, here's Woody Guthrie's Deportees

    sung by Woody's hippie son Arlo Guthrie and Emmylou Harris:


    Youtube thumbnail

    Pudd’nhead Wilson - a white baby and a light-skinned black baby are switched at birth. The white baby raised by blacks grows up to be a good man, while the black baby raised by whites grows up to be a villain. When I read it, I thought it was racist. But after reading Huckleberry Finn, I don't believe Mark Twain was racist. Perhaps his point was that babies are not born good or bad - it's their upbringing that determines their character, and the upbringing of a member of the "master class" is likely to produce a villain.

    Huckleberry Finn - I loved the part where Huck concludes, "All right then, I'll GO to hell." That made Huck one of my greatest literary heroes.

    Slaughterhouse 5 - loved the movie. Sci-fi about a character who comes unstuck in time and lives his life

    in random order. But it's very realistic and serious because it's largely based on Vonnegut's actual experience in World War II. He was a prisoner-of-war in Dresden when it was fire-bombed by the Allies. Afterwards he was on a POW work detail helping to clean up the mess (thousands of civilians burned to death).

    This inspired me to write:

    "The Nazis won World War II.

    Near the beginning of the war, the Nazis attacked England with terrorist bombings of English cities.

    By the end of the war, both England and America were firebombing civilian populations.

    We occupied the Nazis' territory, but the Nazis occupied our souls.


  • Anonymous
    7 years ago

    Huckleberry Finn is a great story and I really loved it. If you don't like that one, Moby Dick is also a good one on that list.

  • 7 years ago

    One Flew Over the Cuckoos Nest, I'm reading it now and it's really good

    All these books are good, and another one of my favorites is Pride and Prejudice

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