Help with this Counter Argument Proposal? (The Internet/technology)?

[ I will really appreciate it if someone could edit my counter argument paper & will reward them 10 points. The assignment instructions are to write two paragraphs, one where you discuss the counterargument (or conditions of rebuttal) and one with a response to the counterargument. Any changes in sentences/paragraphs are welcome!! ]

Never in the history of our time has technology become increasingly rapid and accessed. An access to devices is continuously updated and inventing in a constant speed, helping people’s lives much easier. Technology is also used in schools to benefit the learning environment, such as online classes for high school and college students. The Internet is basically the biggest Library in the world.

However, every day millions of people use technology every day, whether it’d be a computer, video game, an Ipod, cellphone, watching television, or using the newest technological gig. Young people, especially, are more prone to it.

As access to devices has spread, children in poorer families are spending considerably more time than children from more well-off families using their television and gadgets to watch shows and videos, play games and connect on social networking sites, studies show. This growing time-wasting gap is more a reflection of the ability of parents to monitor and limit how children use technology than of access to it. Parents also need to be extremely careful what their children experience in the virtual world today. Taking the Internet away and not letting them use a valuable learning tool could be hurtful from an educational standpoint. Despite the educational purposes used for technology, the average young person today plays video games or watch television for hours during his or her free time. Instead of effective communication, we rely on our cell phones every day. We use the internet to surf information and use sources like Google or Wikipedia to rely on our school work. Social sites such as Facebook can be accessed to look up a person’s social identity. Although technology today has a positive impact on our daily lives, many people ranging from kids to adults take advantage of it. If watching television daily for hours can be hazardous for our mental health, it can definitely change how we think and become lethargic. Some solutions can be awareness, where parents, teachers, or the community can discipline their kids and lower the use of technology for them, such as using the computer only for school work or educated purposes.

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    There is a great website I found that has received all the newest movies and tv shows onto it. Its almost all in HD too which can be awesome!

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    The purpose of yahoo Answers is question and answer format- not to do your homework for you. You must speak with your teacher for this purpose.

    I dont see a question included.

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