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Software for tagging and renaming music files en masse?

So, my girlfriend has a ton of music in her "Music" folder that she wants loaded onto an MP3 player/into iTunes, but they all have blank ID3 tags and most of the filenames don't really say much about what they are (as in, the artist, the song title, or both, are not a part of the filename) to begin with.

This is kind of a longshot, but, is there a magic piece of software out there, somewhere, that would be able to "analyze" her music, and apply tags and rename files appropriately? I seem to recall having/using something that allowed me to edit tags en masse, and rename the files according to the tags, but with so much information already missing about these files...I'm not sure that even that would work. Any suggestions?

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    I use MAGIX MP3 Deluxe, You cant rename en masse, but renaming is easier than on other apps. It also has tools to check your files against online databases. Some files can get renamed automatically this way but probably not all.

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