I remember when season 9 first came out there were rumors he was coming back. Shouldn't have gotten my hopes up as he's confirmed he won't be coming back, because he thinks people will ultimately be disappointed.

What a load of ****. Millions of fans would've turned on and watched just for the sake of seeing Michael one last time on the show. And by the way, if you're one of the few people who didn't like Michael, don't bother answering because this is for the people who did like him and will miss him.

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  • 8 years ago
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    They haven't confirmed anything. I follow this show better than anyone, and they most certainly haven't confirmed that he won't return. I do know what you're thinking of though. There was an interview a few years back with Greg Daniels (show-runner) and Steve Carell, and they discussed the fact that it'd be very difficult to bring him back because he went out so well. They never said he wouldn't come back, just that it'd be a challenge. And that was about two years ago.

    Honestly, I think their silence on the topic is extremely revealing. Because if he wasn't coming back, you'd think that they'd announce it right off the bat so as to not get people's hopes up. Their silence tells me that they're planning to bring him back for at least one last episode. And you're right, that'd be a HUGE TV moment if it happened, so they would definitely want to keep it under wraps until it got closer to air.

    This may just be the optimist in me speaking, but I wouldn't count out one last Michael Scott appearance before the show calls it quits. If I were a betting man, I'd put my money on it.

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