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Question about room and siblings?

I live in a 4br house. I have my own room(14, 15 in less than a month) my brother has his own room(16) and so does my sister(8). My parents share a room. Well, I'm gonna have another sibling soon. I was wondering about bedrooms. I know the baby will be with my parents for a while, but what about after that? I always have to sleep with a lamp and tv on. And I have 2 guinea pigs in my room. I do have the biggest room in the house, but I can't stand not having my own space. I am really hoping I don't have to share a room with anyone. Me and my sister do NOT get along. She constantly screams and every day her room is trashed.(that's why I have the big room. It was mine from when I was a baby, then my sister shared it with me for a while and it didn't work, then my mom said we had to share or I get the other bedroom. Of course I said the other room. After about 2 years, my mom gave me this one back. The carpet was completely stained and the walls drawn all over. But I need the space since my piggies have a huge cage. My mom said they couldn't have a smaller one or she wouldn't let me keep them. I still have a twin sized bed and there isn't room for anything else. (I fall off of it almost every night because I move alot in my sleep.i would make room for a bigger bed, but my mom doesn't think I need one.))She can't sleep with noise. I talk and am loud in my sleep. So I was wondering how we will arrange our rooms. My mom said the baby couldn't sleep in my room. And I couldn't share one with my brother. I'm scared she will put me with my sister again. What do you think?? I don't mean to sound selfish, but I'm worried.:( ( I posted this in the wrong section earlier)

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    Just tell your mom not to be put In with your sister again that you and your sister do not get along very well and that you will like to have a room to yourself or you would like to share a room with your brother.

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