How long does an ACH take to clear if it was sent wednesday?

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  • Kerry
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    8 years ago
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    what do you mean it was sent dont send ach things..thats handled between

    vendor and bank...if you mean to set it up? to start taking auto pays?...that can take up to

    30 days snce they're done in batches at the bank. ach is not something as simple as people

    think it is in setting it up. the bank assigns the vendor a precise miniscule moment in time

    in which to tap the funds for the customer and pay the bill; it is not simple or randomly done....

    it is all very precise, and miss that tiny moment, you're done till next time around.. each

    bank takes whatever time they need to establish an ach...there is no set policy or time

    limit at the start up of it

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