How should I prepare for this situation (gay)?

Okay so this guy from my school texted me and said he knows a closeted bi guy that wants to hook up with me. He told me that I couldn't tell anybody but I should meet him in the bathroom at school. I'm okay with all of that I'm interested in who it is and it would t be the first secret I've kept. Then he asked if I was ok with making out. Usually I am but I still don't know who this is. I'm really nervous. What should I do? Do I just show up? What are we supposed to talk about? It's a bit awkward even though I must already know him to some degree if he likes me. And I'm a little worried about making out because I've only ever done it with one other guy before who I had been in a relationship with and he told me I wasn't good at it yet (inexperience I guess). I've never been in this situation before. What am I supposed to do and wear and say?

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    8 years ago
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    Ricky: That's a lot for you to carry, but really you shouldn't be so scared. The guy, as you said, is already known to you. Do you think someone would set you up for a bad experience? My best advice is that you haven't made a commitment. Just b/c the unknown guy likes to make out doesn't mean you have to make out with him. You should wear what you usually wear to school. Save the what to wear headache for when you have a special date to go on. I think all you need to do is talk to him and see if you want to hook up with him as much as he wants to hook up with you. You should meet him but don't make out in the bathroom. Invite him to go somewhere comfortable if you end up wanting to be together. I hope this makes sense, I wish you luck.

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