Please Help. I cannot watch internet T.V. due to my location? 10 points How can i change my internet location?

Well, we live in the United States. my mom is originally from Colombia.

She misses the television series of her country.

By luck, i found this spanish website,,/ which gives free showings of Latin series. one of them is my my mom's fav, Pablo Escobar, Patron del Mal.

Sadly, this site only gives the shows for latin countries. So what im getting is, "CONTENT UNAVAILABLE this video is not authorized for your location (U.S.)"

i was wondering, can i trick the website into thinking were in another country? Like changing our IP address or using some external program? We would really like to watch this show. We cannot afford cable tv yet i really want my mother to enjoy her shows.

Please Help Us. it would be greatly appreciated.

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  • 8 years ago
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    You can use a VPN or potentially a proxy. However, using this option has some pitfalls. I'll expound in a moment, but first:

    Have you tried this site:

    I haven't used it recently, but I've used it to watch local TV from all over the world & it's not like those scammy sites where you have to sign up and / or pay - this is free. You just need to have the media players that'll allow you to stream the content. When I used it, I never ran into issues with not being authorized to stream content via a media player due to my location - just when I had to stream from websites. I don't know if this site offers access to this particular show, but it does have regionally-sorted TV shows, series, news, movies, etc.

    Regarding VPNs, the biggest issue is getting a VPN with the right IP address to allow you to access the shows. If you have a latin-american IP address from a VPN, you'll have better access to some latin-american network sites & content, but maybe not all of them. So, especially if you're going to pay for a VPN service, but even if you find a suitable free VPN, be sure they offer central or south-american IP addresses. A lot of VPN services offer US ip addresses, russian, german, swedish, etc, but I've not seen very many central or south-american VPNs offered.

    Source(s): live in the US & watch UK-only TV shows frequently via VPN.
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    7 years ago

    There are plenty of reliable VPN providers out there that will give you a good level of privacy / encryption for secure browsing. Always best to use one with different country servers. Also good for downloading torrents anonymously and opening up blocked or restricted UK/US TV site.

    Source(s): is worth looking at.
  • 8 years ago

    ok go to this site and look in the new adventure time episode page and in it there will be a site that lets you watch tv on you computer for free no matter the location

  • 8 years ago

    use this program

    free proxy server program

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  • Anonymous
    8 years ago

    Use pro VPN.

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