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can someone tell me how can i be myself? ik stupid question but i was bullied so idk :/// help pls TeeTee xx?

ok I don't know what to do :/ I'm in a 2nd year of high school. I've been dealing with bullies ever since 1st grade of elementary! i'm scared not to be judged like always. I'm scared that people might ditch me as usual. I don't have self confidence because i'm scared of what will people think about me. it's easy to fit in but for me it isn't. I'm the type of the girl that will be shy quiet at first but once u get to know me wow a different person. I like to smile and stuff but at the nights i mostly sit and cry because I'm just scared what will happen next day. no matter how much I try to fit in people just laugh at me no matter what. some of people know i cut, but that's mostly cuz i don't have any1 to share my problems with. I have my own page about bullying. I'm the teen that's against bullying u can e-mail me at any time

But I don't understand one thing. I'm being too nice, i help people but i just leave myself and don't care about myself for some reason i don't know it's all messed up. I feel like a freak but i know i ain't. you can visit my page and help me if u want!home/main...

and the fact is i don't know what to do anymore, maybe it's all because of lack of self confidence or something I ain't sure but it would be so awesome if some of you can help me and lead me the right way.


Tee xo

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  • Anonymous
    8 years ago
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    here is some advice i received (some i took & some i did not) - not in any particular order:

    - always treat people the way you would like to be treated

    - when a door closes, a window opens

    - this life you are living now is not a dress rehearsal

    - you have the ability to control your life - only you - no one else

    - don't look at the superficial essence of people - look inside of their soul

    - if you have to sign a legal document – take it home & review it overnight. preferably, see an attorney to protect your interests. remember, if it seems too good to be true - it probably is !

    - don’t let people be bullied & don’t be a bully

    - every time you make love to someone, you give a piece of yourself away. you don't have too many pieces inside of you to give away – so be selective

    - learn something new every day

    - find the path to your own happiness ! you are in charge of your own happiness. remember, you are responsible for how you get out of bed every day & how you plan your day

    - when you receive a gift, or someone does something nice or thoughtful for you ? acknowledge them – send a thank you note.

    - you can encourage others to move ahead – always pay it forward !

    - do volunteer work - it enriches the soul & lets you see how other people live their lives & survive their day to day existence

    - when someone you care about hurts you ? you can hold on to anger, resentment & thoughts of revenge - or embrace forgiveness & move forward. forgiveness frees your soul

    - sometimes you feel alone on this planet earth. it is normal to feel this way. however, always remember that all you have to do is reach out & ask for help. no matter where help comes from, or what it is ? please accept it graciously

    - when you get a job ? save something from each & every paycheck you get – even if it is a dollar. it helps you plan for your future & sets up good habits for savings right from the beginning. place this money in an interest bearing account

    - every once in a while, take an inventory of your life. make a five year plan. write down your goals so that you know what they are. be very specific. writing down your goals & thoughts for the future will help you reach for the stars, even when you are down & feel all is lost

    - give more then you receive – you will never be disappointed !

    - always be yourself !

    - the joy is in the journey. do not give up on this journey called life !

    - don't watch tv too much, play video games too much, or have too much internet interaction - it fries your brain & can encourage laziness

    - don’t use profanity. it is a show of disrespect for yourself & those around you. there are millions of words out there – use them to express yourself !

    - challenge yourself – don’t always take the easiest choice given to you or travel a path preferred by others – take chances

    - make yourself do something different once in a while

    - in order to give & receive love, you have to love yourself first - make loving yourself a priority in your life !

    - drink v8 juice

    - brush & floss your teeth at least two times per day

    - don’t expect people to come to your rescue all of the time – learn to be self supportive

    - drink lots of water – stay away from soda pop

    - go to the library & / or book store – read !

    - go for walks

    - sometimes, when you can’t smile ? force yourself to ! it encourages your inner psyche to survive the “blues” that comes over each & every one of us, from time to time

    - don’t judge others. they have a life to live, just like you do. try to see the other side of the coin

    - keep a journal

    - remember, it’s not the mistakes we make that define us, it’s how we deal with them

    - listen to music – it keeps you connected to your inner soul & to the universe – all of which are very important to survive on this planet

    - always strive for a better education

    - encourage people around you – especially strangers

    - remember, we are all created equal – g*d does not make mistakes

    - never, ever give in or give up

    stay busy ! see the links below to help with that


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  • 3 years ago

    it particularly is an quite hard element to purpose and make certain. you opt for to believe the pal, yet on an identical time, he might desire to be telling the reality. How long have you ever been acquaintances? How long have you ever prevalent this boy? Has she ever shown charm to him, or him to her? the only reason i might desire to think of a chum might lie approximately some thing like this are 2 motives: a million. She believes you're greater helpful without him or may be attempting to guard you. 2. She likes him and might somewhat get with him, and is telling you this by way of fact she needs you out of the photograph. likelihood is nevertheless, i visit pass out on a limb and danger asserting: i think of that in case you have already got been given pregnant and you and he are not relationship a hundred% and you're having mixed thoughts and subjects like this, he won't such as you/safeguard you as much as you like him to. you may only might desire to dig somewhat deeper to determine this one out... solid good fortune

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