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If you were standing at the pearly Gates of Heaven, and God said to you..Why should I let you in?


What would you say? Do your best to answer this main question. So as to not make one feel uncomfortable, anyone who is an atheist, if you could play pretend and answer it like you believed, that would be fantastic, but if not, no sweat. In addition, would you please read and C.C. my poem, comments, good or bad, all are welcome. It would be an honor to read your documentation. This poem is non-judgmental. By that I mean this: Some might think by my belief system that it is exclusionary. Not true. I accept others for who they are. Period. My question to you is: Do you do the same for me and other Christians? If not, why? If need be, I will try to respond to any answers in additional details after the poem. This poem is less about religion or faith than it is about "getting along" despite our differences. Thanks so much, Love, Thomas.


The Edge of Eternity

(A Christian’s Perspective)

First, ask if there’s a forever?

Answer yes describe endeavor

Inside Heaven - know you made it

Beyond the edge declared unfit

Peripheral iniquity

Understanding ubiquity

So why the edge and Him denied?

Sovereign abatis - our pride

“We made it!” Good to fellow man

Is it our standard or God’s plan?

My parameters I decide

Egregious, perverts on outside

Used to be a corrupted soul

Do I get in, free from that role?

God sent only begotten son

His death prevents eternal shun

Within margin of belief……….or

Cosmic fringe unrepentant thief


Author's Note: Stanza 4, Line 4 >> the full context of this sentence is salvation

comes by Grace through Faith alone, by the blood of Jesus, and not by the works

of man (Ephesians 2:8-9) However, one is also called to believe in accordance with

Scripture (John 1:12, Romans 10:9, 1 John 5:13) for even Satan himself believed

in Jesus. Too, even many atheist believe that Jesus once lived. That is as far as

I will go there--- perhaps some atheists may want to piggyback their c/c with a

comment on His life.

Lastly, this is all just my opinion. I have respect for anyone who differs on faith

in God or a lack thereof.



abatis – noun: barricade: a line of defense consisting of felled trees toward an enemy



Every one had a great answer. Really. I am in awe of all of you how well scripted your answers are. I would love to comment on them all, but someone recently told me I am breaking Yahoo rules unless I am answering a question in the answer that requires my add'l details, so I am going to try and abide by the rules set forth and be a good boy. Proud to have such a fine group though.

The question of actually standing before God with that question is meant to be a metaphor for our daily living. Being good to our fellow man is not a requisite or prerequisite unto salvation, faith alone in Jesus Christ is the only answer - at least according to Him and His Word. From there we certainly have the free will to accept or reject that premise. That belief system though, at least for TBC, has nothing to do with how I feel about an individual. Grace and Peace 2U. Thomas


Update 2:

Am closing this poem and question. I was going to let this go to vote because all the answers were good, and none really stood out except Todd's, and Todd, I just gave you a Best Answer, so I am trying to follow the lead of my president and be more 'spread the wealh-like.' lol My pick is going to a fine person, great poet, but I do not see him enough, and do not believe I have ever given him a BA, so this one is for Fredric.

Thanks everyone. I appreciate you very much. God bless, Thomas


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  • 7 years ago
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    Do you really think anyone would have the mental where with all to even

    think let alone have the capacity to answer when confronted by God?

  • James
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    4 years ago

    I'm not really a fan of gated communities, but I have friends and family in there that I'd like to check on.

  • 7 years ago

    I'd shuttup and let my Lord Jesus answer.

  • 7 years ago

    He'd have to let me in, so I could go in and get those lost soccer balls

    I kicked way too high.

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  • 7 years ago

    See I plan to be the last, that is my strategy. ;)

    I always find this to be an amusing image, presenting the argument to God why I may be deserving. Is saying to much a good thing, or is saying nothing at all bad? God knows all things, so doesn't he already know what I will say? If he does then why am I standing there telling him? See now you see it ultimate test anxiety.

    Thanks for getting me going

  • 7 years ago

    I'd say, "Just to look around to see what I'd be missing!" ;)

  • HD
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    7 years ago

    I have empathy and that is all I need. Do you?

  • Anonymous
    7 years ago

    Din't read the poem

    but won't be standing there waiting, God is coming back to get me

    here on this earth, He is going to gather me up and take me home with Him.

    good night.. sweet dreams

    Source(s): got a bad headache may read this later
  • 7 years ago

    I'll say, "I didn't ask to be born, old man... Now quit messin' around an open this damn door."

  • Todd
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    7 years ago

    Given that God is omniscient I doubt he would need to ask--everything to God is sort of a rhetorical question I'm thinking. I guess I'd simply say it wouldn't be for anything I've's only through the fact that God chose me, proving it by giving me the gift of faith in Jesus. And I am trusting in what he accomplished on the cross. He didn't sin but became sin so that I might share in his perfect righteousness.That's it. God, would evaluate if what I said was accurate. I'd basically hope for mercy.

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