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I think I'm pregnant but on the pill, help!!?

I have been on the pill, Yaz, for almost a year. My boyfriend and I met again in August (we have been friends since highschool and are now in our mid twenties) and just had sex for the first time a week ago (Nov 8th/ 9th) and we had sex every night that weekend. It was unprotected and he didn't pull out because I thought I was safe on the pill. But by Monday I was not feeling myself, I thought I was just tired from working my new job all weekend and staying up way too late drinking and dancing though. Then by Tuesday I realized that I felt crampy and bloated even though my period wasn't due for 5 or 6 days. So I thought that maybe I just needed to eat healthier and lay off the wine for a few weeks. Well I started getting really nervous Wednesday night because the feeling just wouldn't go away, it's not too bothersome but it's constant. I began researching online and realized that my ovulation time was most likely the weekend we had unprotected sex and that even though it seemed way too early to have symptoms of pregnancy, especially as a 25 year old who has never been pregnant, that it was completely possible and many woman had experienced my symptoms at the same early time and then realized they were pregnant later. I even noticed today that I had a tiny bit of the milky white discharge associated with blocking the cervix after conception. I haven't told my boyfriend ( i don't want to worry him if its nothing) but I am freaking out! So my question is: I have 4 more days of the active pill (including today) before my period is supposed to start; will I get a period if I'm pregnant even though I'm on the pill, will I miss it? And how soon can I take the pregnancy test? Has anyone had this happen to them?

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    if you have been taking the pill everyday like you are supposed to then there is a very low chance that you are pregnant.

    but seriously, if he has been with anyone else in the past 7 yrs, you can get HIV or aids if they had it. Doesnt this concern you enough to use a condom ?

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