Do you think the next generation of Americans will be fit?

I've noticed that societies will try breaking stereotypes. Like in Britain for example, I've found that a lot of them like appearing as non-proper as possible. Everyone knows they've gotten a pretty harsh reputation for being posh, so i'm wondering if that's the source of their behavior. A lot of Americans online anyway say they're different, that they're thin. In young kids and teens, I've been noticing a lesser amount of excess weight. Then again i'm probably being bias. What do you think though? It's interesting to ponder what the US will be like in the next 10 or so years, for better or worse.

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    It's just a matter of the standards any individual sets themselves too, but the US has lowered their standards a lot. Bad parenting and low athletic standards can result in childhood obesity.

    I do think that there will always be more fit than obese in America, just because it's still so unattractive. That's my opinion, I will hold my kids to an athletic standard, just as much as an educational standard.

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  • 4 years ago

    Depends what "generation" you are referring to? Information tells us that if we proceed at the price we're headed , the quantity of Christians will drop dramatically within the next hundred years. That's , until now we have some major reason or miracle to deliver many again to God.

  • 8 years ago

    I think so

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