why is india a high context culture?

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  • 8 years ago
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    By definition for High Context cultures the shared meaning is derived not only from the explicit content but also from the environment or the persons involved.

    e.g there was a workshop organized at our sxull for a full day with a lunch break between the morning and afternoon sessions. Participants had taken their lunch and soon the dustbins were overflowing because the staff who had agreed to report at the lunch venue for cleaning, did not come.


    Looking at the bins I said, "Oh, this is not going to be a pleasant site for the participants when they come out for tea after an hour." Two of my MBA students who were also participants of the workshop, looked at each other and picked up the bins and went away for emptying those.

    I was surprised and very embarrassed. Why did they do it - something that any young, white-collar professionals in making would not have done and I had not asked them, too.

    Then I realized that in our society a teacher is a very highly respected person - often placed even before God. When I expressed my fear about participants not liking the trash when they came out for tea, they sensed that "our" image was at stake in the presence of our guests, and that that they should do something about it rather than causing embarrassment to me and to the Institute.

    The reason why I would place this as an example of high context is that a low context interpretation of my comment (about the mess not being a pleasant site for the participants) would have been an agreement. The students might have to be requested, "Mr. so-and-so, would you please ...(find out why the cleaning staff is not here or, call a peon, etc.)?

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