How much would a used 15-inch Macbook Pro cost me?

My Gateway NV79 has been giving me a lot of issues lately. I love the laptop, but it's been shutting down on my a lot recently, causing me to lose lots of work that I haven't been able to save, shutting down my tabs on internet browsers that, for whatever reason, I haven't been able to restore upon starting my computer back up and it's been overheating a lot (despite the fact that I keep a majority of my files, pictures, music, movies, etc. on an external hard drive).

With this being said, I plan on returning my Gateway laptop (which I have a 2 year warranty on) and using the refunded money towards a 15-inch Macbook Pro (second generation unibody). I don't really have the cash to be spending on a new retina display Macbook Pro. I have several qusetions, though.

- How much on average would a good condition used Macbook Pro 15 inch cost me?

- What are some reliable websites that I can shop for used Macbook pros?

- Do Macbook Pros give you any issues (viruses, slow speed, choppy internet, overheating)?

- Are most programs Apple, Inc. friendly? Meaning will I have a hard time finding programs that cater not only to Windows, but Apple as well?

Thanks in advanced

1 Answer

  • 8 years ago

    1.around 1500-2000 or so dollars depends on the GH-z maybe 1200 on ebay at cheapest

    2.ummmm. apples site, amazon, bhp photo video, ebay if you want but it needs to be a top rated seller with more than 96% good feed back and you need to be able to return it

    3.They can get kina slow if you get to much stuff on them like games and stuff like that overheating no, viruses depends on the user so get a spy ware device on their so that you don't get any viruses on it. for the most part yes they are friendly.

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