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Did anybody realize there is a growing group of Hollywood that does not support obama?

I absolutely LOVE It. These actors/actresses who are standing up with Clint Eastwood on what they know is right and could care less if they are "blacklisted" in Hollywood or not. Adam Sandler is one of them (did not realize this until today). He backed Romney. I would always think he would be a liberal for some reason but WILL say I will be supporting him by seeing all his movies now. Here is a list of Romney supporters in Hollywood:

ActorsScott Baio[324]

Stephen Baldwin[325]

Orson Bean[324]

Powers Boothe[326]

Gary Busey[327]

James Caan[328]

Dean Cain[329]

Kirk Cameron[330]

Jon Cryer[331]

Vincent Curatola[332]

Stacey Dash[333]

Robert Davi[334]

Shannen Doherty[335]

Robert Duvall[336]

Clint Eastwood[337]

R. Lee Ermey[338]

Erik Estrada[326]

Andy Garcia[326]

Kelsey Grammer[339]

Angie Harmon[340]

Melissa Joan Hart[341]

Patricia Heaton[342]

Julianne Hough[343]

Angus T. Jones[344]

Lorenzo Lamas[326]

Lindsay Lohan[345]

Chuck Norris[346]

John O'Hurley[347]

John Ratzenberger[348]

Adam Sandler[330]

Arnold Schwarzenegger[349]

Tom Selleck[40]

Gary Sinise[350]

Tina Sloan[351]

Kevin Sorbo[352]

Shawnee Smith[353]

Suzanne Somers[354]

Sylvester Stallone[330]

Janine Turner[355]

Vince Vaughn[356]

Jon Voight[357]

James Woods[328]

[edit] ComediansDrew Carey[327]

Adam Carolla[328]

Terry Fator[358]

Jeff Foxworthy[359]

Victoria Jackson[360]

Larry the Cable Guy[361]

Dennis Miller[350]

Paul Rodriguez[362]

[edit] DirectorsDavid Zucker[350]

[edit] ModelsCindy Crawford[363]

Melania Trump[364]

Eduardo Verastegui[365]

[edit] MusiciansTrace Adkins[366]

Rodney Atkins [367]

Jack Blades[368]

Pat Boone[369]

Neal E. Boyd[370]

Zac Brown[338]

Robert Burck[371]

Charlie Daniels[328]

Sara Evans[372]

David Foster[358]

Lee Greenwood [373]

Andy Griggs[374]

Taylor Hicks[338]

Vanilla Ice[375]

Bruce Johnston[376]

Big Kenny[377]

Mike Love[378]

Meat Loaf[379]

Jo Dee Messina [380]

Ronnie Milsap[381]

Sam Moore[382]

Dave Mustaine[327]

Wayne Newton[383]

Ted Nugent[384]

Jamie O'Neal[382]

Donny Osmond[385]

Marie Osmond[385]

John Ondrasik[386]

Randy Owen[387]

Collin Raye [388]

John Rich[389]

Kid Rock[390]

T.G. Sheppard[391]


Gene Simmons[393]

Ricky Skaggs[394]

Scott Stapp[395]

Cowboy Troy[377]

Lane Turner[396]

Hank Williams, Jr.[328]

Gretchen Wilson[328]

[edit] Bands3 Doors Down[397]

Lynyrd Skynyrd[398]

The Oak Ridge Boys[399]

The Marshall Tucker Band[400]

[edit] Porn starsJenna Jameson[401]

Michael Lucas[402]

[edit] ProducersJerry Bruckheimer[324]

Lionel Chetwynd[347]

Frank DeMartini[403]

Rob Long[404]

Gerald R. Molen[405]

Burt Sugarman[347]

Joel Surnow[404]

[edit] ScreenwritersJoe Eszterhas[350]

Andrew Klavan[406]

David Mamet[407]

Roger L. Simon[408]

[edit] Television and radio personalitiesGlenn Beck[409]

Pat Buchanan[410]

Rachel Campos-Duffy[77]

Monica Crowley[411]

Sean Hannity[412]

Elisabeth Hasselbeck[413]

Robert Kagan[67]

Robin Leach[414]

Rush Limbaugh[415]

Meghan McCain[416]

Heidi Montag[350]

Wayne Allen Root[417]

Mike Rowe[418]

Michael Savage[419]

Cal Thomas[420]

Chuck Woolery[421]

[edit] WritersScott Adams[422]

H.G. Bissinger[423]

Ann Coulter[424]

Niall Ferguson[425]

Terry Goodkind[426]

Dean Koontz[427]

Brad Thor[428]

[edit] Athletes[edit] BaseballJ. P. Arencibia[429]

Todd Helton[430]

Dale Murphy[431]

Alex Rodriguez[432]

[edit] BasketballGreg Anthony[433]

Bob Cousy[434]

Chris Dudley[435]

[edit] BobsledJean Racine-Prahm[436]

Bill Schuffenhauer[436]

[edit] FootballJason Babin[437]

Jay Cutler[438]

John Elway[439]

Stanley Jackson[133]

Brent Jones[440]

Nick Mangold[441]

Peyton Manning[426]

Burgess Owens[212]

Bart Starr[442]

[edit] GolfRickie Fowler[443]

Jack Nicklaus[444]

[edit] Ice skating/hockeyMichael Eruzione[445]

Andy Gabel[446]

Dan Jansen[447]

Derek Parra[448]

Dorothy Hamill[449]

Scott Hamilton[436]

Bobby Orr[426]

Jeremy Roenick[450]

Kristi Yamaguchi[451]

[edit] Skeet shootersKim Rhode[448]

[edit] Skeleton racersNoelle Pikus-Pace[436]

Lea Ann Parsley[446]

Jimmy Shea[436]

[edit] SkiingChristopher Devlin-Young[436]

[edit] SwimmingRowdy Gaines[436]

[edit] NASCARRichard Childress[452]

Rick Hendrick[452]

Brian France[452]

Mike Helton[452]

Bruton Smith[452]

Richard Petty[452]

[edit] Professional WrestlingHulk Hogan[453]

Vince McMahon[454]

[edit] Nobel laureates[455]Gary Becker

Robert Lucas, Jr.

Robert Mundell

Edward C. Prescott

Myron Scholes

15 Answers

  • 5 years ago

    Most of Hollywood is made of folks who have had their dreams come true. They consider so blessed & they didn't push & step on people's toes to get where they are they did it by way of loving individuals & recieving love back. They started out looking to convey pleasure to individuals, educating people, making them smile, feel & be extra alive. They have to be fairly intelligent to make it within the totally competitive feild they're in so come what may they ought to feel in a better vigor guiding & assisting their life. They're given so much & need to give a lot back. They be aware of the excellent method to care for men and women is to vote democrat. They have an understanding of spirituality & the way it works in our lifestyles. Conflict is by no means a confident or crucial soul-u-tion. Greed shouldn't be needed if in case you have a prosperity consciousness which they have got. Not all celebs support Obama the ones that i do know supported Bush are: Britney Spears, Kelsey Grammer, he used to be simply on a exhibit that obtained cancelled with the ladies who participant Ray's wife on everyone loves Raymound she is a Rep., one of the crucial Balwin brothers (blond younger very religious one), I consider Sly Stalone ( which is peculiar cause the primary Rocky was all in regards to the underdog successful, it used to be the one one I saw) Elisebeth Hasslebeck is on the View daily & ruins the exhibit. There are few more but I they don't seem to be someone rather charming or advantage or important.

  • Anonymous
    9 years ago

    Did anybody realize that your list of actors/actresses includes athletes, musicians, wrestlers, etc., etc., most of whom are very well-known Republicans? Country singers and NASCAR drivers support Republicans--I'm shocked, I say! Did anybody realize that nobody cares?

  • ?
    Lv 4
    9 years ago

    I don't care about what actors think in terms of politics, I only care about their performance on the screen.

  • 9 years ago

    Most of the people on that list were has-been's decades ago. And they aren't even all Hollywood people. Some are retired sports figures and others are conservative commentators. And some, like Hulk Hogan, have been caught up in one kind of scandal or another. It could be that the reason why Obama won a SECOND TERM was because the people on your list supported the other guy (What was his name again?). Voters looked at people like Rush Limbaugh, Sean Hannity and Ted Nugent (All on your list) and said "NO FU*KING WAY!!!". And for that, the country owes the people on your list a debt of thanks.

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  • d.k.
    Lv 6
    9 years ago


    Could have done without the list, but I get

    what you were trying to do with it --

    However, I noticed that

    you seem to be missing Jon Lovitz on the list.

    Now how could that have happened?

  • ?
    Lv 7
    9 years ago

    So what's your point? There are people in many professions that don't agree politically. So, what? The presidential election is over for another 4 years. Take a break!

  • ?
    Lv 4
    9 years ago

    Because the 1%'s opinion is what the left care about?

    Source(s): Are you new?
  • John
    Lv 7
    9 years ago

    Listing names isn't proof.

    The election is over.

  • 9 years ago

    So? Who cares?

    99% of them are unknown to me, and nobody have ever heard of them

  • 9 years ago

    Does anyone CARE what actors think about politics?

    If I'm looking for an opinion leader about what movie to see tonight, I'll ask an actor. But politics? Pshaw!!

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