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Have you ever been in any kind of danger while fishing?

Quite some time back I I went to these ponds Clear out in the middle of no where. The land I was on was shaped like a Q so water was in the center. I went walking on the area that makes up the little line, so theres only one way to the point and one way back. I set my bike down and went to the point. Started walking back to my bike and I heard a sound that sounded like, you know those brass springy door stoppers? If you flick one it sounds like a boing and vibrates. Well thats what I heard. It ended up being a rattle snake. I had no previous expiernce with them, so I didnt know what to do. He was blocking the path to home. I threw some rocks at him to try and make him leave, and after awhile he finally scooted away far enough so i could run by. Another time I was waslking home very late. It was in a forest type setting and I heard a lot of rustling in the bushes. I have horrible eye sight but was able to make out black and white fur. It was a skunk! I jumped in the air and did a scooby doo my legs were goin wild while in the air amd I was gettin no where. Finally took off and ran like hell. Another time I was on the river and for some reason felt like something was behind me. I turn around and see 3 dears, 2 female and a male coming towrds me. If they would have ran they would have gotten to me in seconds. I stood there and watched them come nearer and nearer. I finally packed up my stuff and headed for a trail. Soon enough they got onto the trail too. luckily some bikers were coming uo behind me. The deer ran past the trail spooked.

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    During summer months I always put my fishing rod and groundhog rifle in the truck everyday I am not working. I was at a lake a friend owned on 150 acres, out in the country. Standing there casting a plug, noticed what first I thought was a big dog coming down the lane. Because this was in the middle of nowhere, I began to walk toward my truck at the end of the dam. As I walked the dog was not a dog I realized it was a large wolf. Began to walk faster because it was nearing my truck faster then I was. Ended up trotting to the truck, got my rifle out of the case, and as it rounded the corner of the dam, it saw me. The wolf began to trot back out the lane. Very cool, was doing that trot they do like the body is just floating and they could do that for miles. The animal was so cool to see. I had no intention of shooting it because they are amazing. Just hoped I would not need the rifle for protection.

    I know it was a wolf because earlier in the spring I was coming in to land at a friends airport and the old guy that owns the airport was with me. I was very busy finishing the landing but out of the corner of my eye I saw a dog sitting right on the corner of the beginning of the runway. I ask the old guy did you see that dog. He said that was a wolf. He explained during a bad winter they would walk across the ice on Lake Erie south to find food.

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    There had been dolphins which were trained to reply to and comprehend a set of symbols. The symbols represented objects or actions, identical to words. The dolphin had been able to understand and communicate with their handlers using these symbols. But, seeing that dolphin are not fish (they're mamals) i suppose that doesn't depend. I've never heard of any fish using language.

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  • Fishing on the ocean about 3/4 mile out in 4 foot swells when the motor suddenly died..... it ran out of gas and we had to try to row back to harbor, we had to call in a pon-pon to the coast guard, that was expensive and scary and dangerous all in one.

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    Only when i was poaching at night time and had to scarper from the fisherys board while chasing me thru the darkness .

    There is nothing like a good chase esp when you have the advantage of nightvision to help

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    Only from bad weather like a lightning storm comeing up to quickly

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    I fell in a cold-*** river and filled my waders to the top and sank like a friggin rock. I waited for them to fill up and literally "swam" out of them. Thought I was a dead man for sure.

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    once I was walking home from a pond and it was woods and I could hear rustling next to me, stalking me, and I shined my light over and there was some coyotes following me. Ran as quick as I could to get out of there. Almost the same as your skunk story haha

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    I was in danger of getting a fine from the game warden for not having a fishing license.

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