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Natural Wavy Hair Help?

So in this picture I love the loose waves but I can only achieve them by wearing my hair in a bun all day =/ I have tried scrunching my hair with gel after a shower or damping my hair and scrunching it will moose (however you spell it) and still it goes flat. This Picture is my hair right after I took my bun out and it looks pretty to me I just want to keep it like that. Any ideas?

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    Wow your hair is a beautiful color :). I'd say you could make the same bun that makes those waves after you get out of the shower and sleep on it over night. But if you want something similar to this, that is a bit wavier you could make to pigtail braids after showering and sleep on it. These waves are so pretty, easy and not very frizzy. Either way you put some anti-frizz hair product (I like Frizz-Ease) through the ends of your hair for a healthy finish. I hope that helped!

    Good luck :)

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    maybe when you get out of the shower, wrap your hair up in a towel while getting dressed or eating so that it isn't soaking wet, but damp. then maybe wrap it up in the bun while doing your makeup then when done with makeup it should have some of that wave you want in it. then what i would do is spray some product into it to make it stay.

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    You can use velcro rollers just stick them in your hair whilst its damp, let it air dry, apply a light mist of hair spray and take them out, you'll have huge amounts of body (you can brush it flatter if its too much) and nice soft waves depending on the size of the rollers (smaller the tighter the curl, larger the bigger the curl/wave)

    You could have your hair damp, the day before put it in a bun, sleep with it, and undo it the next morning :) set i with some hairspray and brush your hair through lightly

    Hope this helped! x

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    I like my hair like that too so what I do is shower in the night blow dry put it in a bun nd go to sleep on it it might be a bit uncomfortable the first few days but you'll get used to it

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    8 years ago

    well your best thing to do would be to curl it with curling tongs or rollers

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