Can eclipse ide work on windows 8?

I am a programmer who uses java to write applications. I am getting a new windows 8 laptop, and I iam wondering if I could be able to run eclipse on it? Also, could this laptop run minecraft ??? I really dont want to get this laptop, then not be able to use it.

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  • 8 years ago
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    I still use win7 so i can't answer from experience, and the only thing i can find is this quote from

    "Support the win32 version of Eclipse on Windows 8. Fully support the 32-bit and 64-bit win32 version of SWT and the Eclipse SDK on Windows 8. We will ensure that applications built on the win32 version of SWT work as well as any other win32 API based application on Windows 8. This will increase our testing and support effort and potentially require new development to work around platform specific differences. Note that Windows RT on ARM processors will not be supported. [SWT, Platform UI, JDT UI] (393426) "

    but that makes me wonder if it already supports the 64 bit and they're just working on getting the 32 bit to work.

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