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My dog eye hurts what should i do (fast)?

Ok, my dog fighted with her dog best friend but didnt really fight with bietting or something like that there was no blood but after the fight my doggy eye was hurt there was no blood but she doesn't open it fully and its night i cant go to a vet so any advices its an emergency plzzzzz help and her eye doesn't bleed but she tears buts little swollen but not so much its little red


Its not that bad its like when u get a eye lash in ur eye so its hard to open its sam for her

Update 2:

The prob is i dont have any vet number and i cant drive i am too young so there is no way to contact a vet today isnt there any thing that will make her feel better :(

Update 3:

I tried but i can only go tommorow

Update 4:

Any other answers plzzz help

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    If your dog isn't making a big deal about it (ie. whimpering etc.) then she's probably ok and her eye will get better soon. If she is clearly hurting, I'm sure your vet has an on call person for the night time who you can call. Otherwise, there are animal hospitals that you can call and they will definitely be open at night, to talk to someone on the phone or bring your dog in

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    She needs to have her eye examed by a vet using a special stain to make sure there isn't any damage to the cornea. Prolonging this treatment could lead to more serious injury thus costing you a significant amount more for emergency procedures then if you get her/him into a vet now and go from there. If your to young to drive then its time to call your parents a neighbor or a family member to get them to bring you there.

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