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My girlfriend used to be a slut? And its Long Distance now. what to do?

Were 200 miles away, for those who don't how far away that is, its Orlando to Miami. My girlfriend and I kicked it off good until she moved, 4 months in and were still good. But she's told me of her past, she had sex with 22 guys and she's only 21 now. She also had a 3-some with 2 guys. I don't know if I should trust her.. I am jealous and I'm insecure.. I also can't trust many people.. what should I do? I feel as if she's changed, but then again she still goes out to parties, drinks with her Guy friends and dresses a bit skanky. Leave or her keep her?

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    well you have to trust her until she does something bad while being with you. but long distance never works

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    You identified the key issues, your insecurity and jealously, and her freedom with sexuality. If neither of you is willing to change your behavior, it will probably be for the best to end it. She could just be trying to get a rise out of you, she could be cheating on you. Talk to her about it, not the internet.

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